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Viewtiful Joe 2


Extra Difficulties and Reel Selects

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Fnish the game on the respective difficulty (Beat Adult to unlock Kids and Adult)Unlock Reel Select
Finish the game in V-Rated modeUnlock Ultra V-Rated mode
Finish the game in Adult modeUnlock V-Rated mode

Contributed By: FatherBrain36.

Special Save Icons

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat every single one of the chambersRainbow V
Beat the game on either Kids, or AdultsRed V

Contributed By: papercup.

Super VJ Mode

Super VJ Mode lets you play through the game with unlimited VFX. It's essentially the same as the mode in the original Viewtiful Joe that you got for getting Rainbow V ranking on every stage. Once you earn it, you can enable it (or not) whenever you load your file and select "New Game."

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat all 37 ChambersSuper VJ Mode (all difficulty levels)

Contributed By: Psychobard.

The 36 Chambers

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete Reel 1, Act 4Chamber 1
Clear Chamber 1 and enter the bonus scene in reel 4, act 2Chamber 10
Clear chamber 2 with a rank A or higherChamber 11
Achieve a time rank of V in 5 consecutive scenesChamber 12
Maintain just 1 life from start to finish in a sceneChamber 13
Complete Reel 4, act 2Chamber 14
Earn a Rainbow V rank on the Ufo fire scene in Reel 4, Act 1Chamber 15
Clear the final scene in Reel 2, Act 1 without using any VFXChamber 16
Clear chamber 8Chamber 17
Clear chamber 9 and purchase the sliding power upChamber 18
Defeat Long John in Reel 3, chapter 2 and have an overall rank of A or higherChamber 19
Complete the slippery floor scene in reel 5, act 1 with at least 5 lives remainingChamber 2
Complete the kitchen scene in Reel 1, Act 3 with an overall rank of Rainbow VChamber 20
Clear Chambers 3 and 12Chamber 21
Clear chamber 13Chamber 22
Complete Reel 7, Act 3 and have over 200,000 Viewtifuls in savings.Chamber 23
Have Joe thrown out of the bathroom 10 times in the monorail Scene in Reel 3, Act 1Chamber 24
Do not use any VFX from the time the gear scene ends in Reel 3, Act 2 and the next one beginsChamber 25
Clear Chamber 17 and complete Story mode on the kids difficulty settingChamber 26
Complete Chamber 18 and purchase the Redhot kick powerupChamber 27
Finish the switch scene in Reel 7, Act 1 with at least 30 seconds left on the timerChamber 28
Collect all the film canisters in Reel 5, Chapter 1Chamber 29
Get Killed by a lockerChamber 3
Obtain an overall rank of Rainbow V in five consecutive scenesChamber 30
Perform the Ukemi sucessfully 10 times in Reel 7, Act 1Chamber 31
Clear Chamber 23Chamber 32
Clear Chamber 24Chamber 33
Finish Reel 1, Act 4 without obtaining a single Film CanisterChamber 34
Complete Story mode on the Adult difficulty settingChamber 35
Clear Chamber 27 and complete Story mode on the kids difficultyChamber 36
Clear chamber 6, complete story mode on the kids difficulty setting, and earn an overall rank of D 3 times.Chamber 37
Clear any scene with just 1 life remainingChamber 4
Clear Reel 2, Act 3Chamber 5
Complete Chamber 1Chamber 6
Collect all 250 Film Canisters on any reelChamber 7
Get game over and don't resetChamber 8
Complete reel 3, act 1Chamber 9

Contributed By: FatherBrain36.


Infinite V-Points

In the first few levels, there are some puzzles that involve hitting three blocks using Sylvia's Replay power. However, don't be too anxious to get past the puzzle yet. If you shoot the blocks with Sylvia's guns, the blocks will toss out V-Point Coins. Keep shooting until you've gotten all the V-Points you want!

Contributed By: discoinferno84.

Mass V-Points

Throughout the game, you will notice that there are boxes with a lightning sign on them and there is a blue electrical field around it. Use Silvia's guns and shoot at one of those boxes as much as you want, and V-Points will come out. The box will never disappear or break, so the more you shoot, the more V-Points you gain.

Contributed By: Dao.

More Unlimited V Points

Early in the game, there is a part where you have to knock an enemy upwards into an electric field. If you kill the enemy instead, a new one will appear. You can use this to start a Rock-On combo and get as many V-points as you want early on in the game.

Contributed By: roto13.