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NBA Street V3


Do Tricks Without Performing Them

For this glitch to work, pass the ball to a teammate and do a trick the instant he gets the ball. The trick name and points will appear, but you won't actually perform the trick, thus, the CPU can never trick counter you. Occasionally, you will get a fake-out, too. The good thing is that you still get the points and it still goes toward your GameBreaker.

Contributed By: Landonio.

Get easy trick points

Do a level 3 trick by pressing L, R, and Z, then immediately pass it away. Even if your player has bad handles, he will just pass the ball away and you will still be credited the points.

Contributed By: MissingNo_2.


Street Challenge Unlockables

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete Street Challenge50,000 SP
Complete Street ChallengeAll Court Creator items
Complete Street ChallengeAll NBA Legends
Complete Street ChallengeAll Street Legends
Complete Street ChallengeAll V3 store items
200 repBrighton Beach
400 repDyckman
550 repDyckman (night)
300 repGun Hill
450 repGun Hill (night)
150 repMacGregor Park
500 repMosswood
650 repMosswood (night)
600 repRucker Park
700 repRucker Park (night)
125 repThe Dome (night)
250 repVenice Beach
350 repVenice Beach (night)

Contributed By: rjrait.

Unlock Street & NBA Legeneds

Beat the following Challenges in Street Challenge to unlock the characters.
(Alternativly you may buy them or complete Street Challenge mode)

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the Legend in the Challenge they are featured inAny other NBA Legend
Win "Biggie Littles is Back" tournamentBiggie Littles
Win "Certified Bonafide" tournamentBonafide
Win "Can you spare a Dime" tournamentDime
Win "The Doctor is in" ChallengeJulius Erving (Dr. J)
Win "Big kid on the block" tournamentPhat
Win "Back to School 2" challengeTakashi

Contributed By: Crossfaded.

Unlock the Beastie Boys

In Street Challenge, enter and win the "5 Boroughs Tournament" that the Beastie Boys host. You will now be able to play as them in any other mode.

Contributed By: MissingNo_2.


Alternate Way: Unlock Bonafide

In Street Challenge Mode, enter the tournament "Certified Bonafide" and win to unlock the street legend Bonafide.

Contributed By: ultimodragon491.

Easy 5,000 SP

Start a new street challenge and skip every day. At the end you get 5,000 instead of the normal 50,000; but its quick and easy.

Contributed By: Artu Warrior of Loto.

Unlocking Phat

In Street Challenge, beat Phat in the tournament Fat Kid on the Block.

Contributed By: MissingNo_2.