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NFL Street 2



Go to the cheats screen under options and press X to bring up the area to enter them.

FirstFirst10 yard first downs
llxGBCraZ2x GameBreaker
Trick3dOutAll chains mode
GreasedPigAlways Fumble
RuinedPicnicAnts Mode
Team XzibitBeat the Tutorials
BIGPigBig Sized Football
EAFieldEA field
XxGBCraZGamebreaker x10
BIGSmashHuge Players
NozBoostInfinite Turbo
MagnetHandsMax Catch
GottaBDShoesMax Speed
BlastTackleMax Tackle
GlueHandsNo Fumbles(quick game mode only)
NoChainsNo more first downs
BloominGroupNo Textures
SighsMattersRandom Size Players
ShrunkenSmall Players
CementShoesWeak O-Moves and Jumping

Contributed By: DPhantom, Broncos77, and cronot31.

Unlock Teams

Go to the cheats screen under options and press X to bring up the area to enter them.

NNAS66784NFC North All-Stars
ENASFSCTUnlock NFC West All-Stars
TeamXzibitUnlock Team Xzibit
str2mkryzUnlock the Gridiron Field & NFL Legends team
GRIDIRONPRKUnlock's the gridiron field
EAASFSCTUnlocks AFC East All-Stars
NAOFRCTHUnlocks AFC North All-Stars
SAOFUCTHUnlocks AFC South All-Stars
WAEFSCTUnlocks AFC West All-Stars
ReebokUnlocks Team Reebok

Contributed By: DPhantom, BoboBobThe3rd, and Broncos77.


Unlimitted Developement Points in NFL Challenge Mode

In NFL Challenge play one of the "gold metal" challenges. The best one for this is the "Coming Through" challenge. This calls for 1-3 sacks in one drive. If you get 1 sack you get 1,105 development points, 2 sacks get you 1,233 development points, and 3 sacks get you 1,360. This challenge takes five days. If you get the gold it congradulates you, saves, and marks the challenge as done. If you get the silver or bronze it asks if you want to try again or exit. If you choose exit it just gives you the corresponding points. If you choose trr again it restarts the challenge, but for some reason keeps the points. If you choose exit you will not be able to return to this challenge. If you keep getting silver or bronze (each time takes about a minute) you will keep getting more and more development points. You can do this as many times as you want just don't get gold or you will not be able to do it again. The best thing is that if you press try again it doesn't cost any extra days.

Contributed By: BoboBobThe3rd.



hit the hotspots on each field. Once you unlock all the legends you unlock the legends team.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
hit a hotspot in "The Cage"Anthony Munoz
hit a hotspot in "Sportsplex"Bo Jackson
hit a hotspot in "The Alley"Chris Carter
hit a hotspot in "The Backlot"Darrell Green
hit a hotspot in "Royal Park"Jack Lambert
hit a hotspot in "The DigJoey Browner
hit a hotspot in "The Tracks"Mean Joe Greene
hit a hotspot in "Second St. Station"Mike Singletary
hit a hotspot in "Imperial Tower"Randell Cunningham
hit a hotspot in "The Aqueduct"Sterling Sharpe

Contributed By: go rumble.


Extra Credits

Have a save file from one of the following games when you load up NFL street 2 to get 25,000 extra credits per game.

List of games:

Madden Nfl 2006
NFL Street (1)
NCAA Football 2005
Need for Speed Underground 2
NBA Street Vol. 2
Goldeneye: Rogue Agent

Contributed By: Broncos77.