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Strike Force Bowling



Enter the name of your bowler as any of the following to get the desired effect.

!STRIKE!Enables Autostrike mode
!LEVELS!Unlocks all levels
!BOWLER!Unlocks all secret bowlers

Contributed By: ffmasterjose.


Secret Bowlers and Levels!

Complete the following tasks to unlock 3 new bowlers and 8 new lanes, along with one secret cheat. There is also a way to unlock everything, by naming a new bowler a special name.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
In Tournament mode, finish any round with a score of 180 or higher.Alien Bowl alley
Close every frame in an Open Play gameAlien Bowler
Create a new bowler and name him/her !BOWLER!All Bowlers
Create a new bowler and name him/her !LEVELS!All Levels
Unlock all other cheatsBig Head Mode
Score a 180 or higher in a Tournament GameCosmic Bowling Level
Bowl 2 or more under par in golf modeDark Beach Level
Win a tournamentDark Castle Level
Get a hole-in-one on Hole One in Golf ModeDark Chinese Bridge Level
Compete 17 challenges in Challenge ModeDark Egyptian Level
Accumulate $100,000 in overall skins earningsDark Old West Level
Get 4 strikes in a row in Open Play or a TournamentHaunted Pirate Ship Level
Gets 6 skins in a Skins Match on Difficult or Expert ModeMars Level
Throw four consecutive strikes in either Open Play or Tounament mode.Night Ship alley
Pick up a 7-10 split in Practice ModeRobot Bowler
Get a hole-in-one on Hole 13 in Golf ModeSkeleton Bowler

Contributed By: TheProdigy and GreenPuyo.


Easy 7-10 Split

To get the 7-10 split easily, first, you must create a new bowler. Set up the bowler's stats so that it has 20 strength, 19 accuracy, and 0 curve. Now, at any lanes, select the 20-pound ball "Bone Crusher." Now, line up so that you're completely at the right, both bowler's feet and ball alignement. Now, throw the ball at max power (let the meter go beyond the green), and then hit accuracy as close to the green as you can (as long as it is close, it will work). The ball should hover just next to the gutter and the ten pin should bounce off the back-board and into the 7 pin. This is the easiest way to unlock the secret bowler, "7-10."

Contributed By: TheProdigy.