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The Sims 2


Cheat Codes

Enter these codes anytime during gameplay using the d-pad..

Note: The Cheat Gnome code must be entered first before the other will take affect.

X, B, L, Up and DownAdvance Time 6 Hours
R, L, Z, Right and LeftGive Money
R, L, R, L, YHorn Sound
Up, X, Up, Right, ZMax All Motives
Y, X, B, Z and LeftSet Skill Level
Right, Down, Right, Down, RightTeam picture(cheat gnome not needed)
B, Z, Down, Right, BUnlock all fashions
X, Z, Left, X, Up and XUnlock All Lots
Z, X, Down, Left, UpUnlock all objects
Z, B, Up, Down, Right, AUnlock all recipes
L, R, Up, A and ZUnlock Cheat Gnome

Contributed By: supermanseatgrab, bmxbiker863, and DemonEvil283.


Outside Trees Inside Your House

If you open up a wall in your house, then put an outside tree or bush inside your house, and close the wall, the tree will "shade in" because it is inside the house. You can't do this unless you open up the wall in the room you want the tree in.

Contributed By: HunnyBee89.