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Tony Hawk's American Wasteland



Enter in the cheats menu

the_condorMat Hoffman
2them00nMoon gravity
grindxpertPerfect Grind
2wheels!Perfect manual balance
h!tchar!dePerfect skitch balance
uronfireSpecial meter always full.
hip2DhopUnlock Lil Jon to skate with.

Contributed By: February_30th, Oedipus Complex, toulvus, foxarocious, Llamaman2, and nado.


''Perfect'' Cheats

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete all gaps in every levelAlways Special
Complete all gaps in every levelMoon Gravity
Complete all gaps in every levelPerfect Manual
Complete all gaps in every levelPerfect Rail
Complete all gaps in every levelPerfect Skitch

Contributed By: Arena.

Unlockable Skaters and Movies

Complete the following objectives to unlock the new skaters and movies.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat Story on any difficultyAmerican Wasteland
Beat Classic on NormalBillie Joe, Boone
Beat Story mode on SickJimbo, Murphy, Mega
Beat Story on NormalLil' John, Iggy, Jason Ellis
Beat Classic on SickMatt Hoffman, Useless Dave
Beat Classic 100%Neversoft Skaters
Complete ALL GapsPed Group D: Oil Rig Worker, Police Man, Performer, Boone in Briefs
Beat Story 100%Ped. Group A: Baller, Welder, Camera Guy, Cholo
Get all 43 Skate ranch pieces and complete all the Skate Ranch missionsPed. Group B:Ped Group B: Carnival Worker, Dogtown Guy, French Man
Beat Classic 100%Ped. Group C: Master Zen, Hard Hat Worker, Dogtown Guy 2, Graffiti Dude
Beat Classic on any difficultyPro Bails 1
Complete Story 100%Pro Bails 2
Beat Story on EasyRobo-Tony, Mindy

Contributed By: Arena and rr a ven.