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ChuChu Rocket!


Unlockable Modes

Complete the following to unlock new modes:

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat all the normal stages in puzzle mode. Now you are able to select ''HARD'' puzzles from the puzzle selection screen.Hard Mode
Complete the Special puzzles in Puzzle 1PMania Mode in Puzzle 1P
Beat all 25 puzzles in normal modePuzzle Hard Mode
Complete all the Hard puzzles.Special Mode in Puzzle 1P

Contributed By: XxXSoviet RussiaXxX, Slash, and DBM11085.


Help/Homepage Secrets

Every time you visit the Help section (which is the ChuChu Rocket! ''Homepage''), more of the Help section becomes revealed.

1st Visit: Various Modes
2nd Visit: Make your own puzzles!
3rd Visit: Battle technique
4th Visit: Download corner
5th Visit: Puzzle technique

The Download corner is the most intersting.
You can download three different Mice-types and Cats-types, so instead of you using the basic ChuChus and KapuKapus, you use Cows and UFOs, for instance.

1 : Mice-Cow Cats-UFO
2 : Mice-Balloon Cats-Pin
3 : Mice-Snow Cats-Fire

Contributed By: IHZer0.

Make Credits Roll Faster

When you're on a credits screen (i.e. after completing a series of 25 puzzles in Puzzle 1P mode), hold B and the credits will scroll a little faster.

Contributed By: DBM11085.