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F-Zero: Maximum Velocity


Access Password Screen

At the machine selection screen in grand prix mode, press L, R, Start, R, L, Select.

Contributed By: Vegetaman.

Demo Play

To view the game demo, press the select button at the title screen.

Contributed By: Doodleheimer.


Unlock Jet Vermilion

Create a new file with the name "T&T" (without quotes) and select it. Select Grand Prix and on the F-Zero selection screen, enter the following code to access the password menu: "L, R, Start, R, L, Select". Enter the following password to unlock:

V-J4+6V9A-30Jet Vermilion

Contributed By: tooboredtothink.


Master Difficulty Level

If you win the Pawn series, Bishop series, or Knight series on the Expert difficulty level. If you beat one of these series in Grand Prix Mode while on the Expert difficulty level, the Master difficulty level will unlock for whatever series you beat it with.

Contributed By: NiGHTS Man Rick.

Secret machines

Dirty Joker - Clear Pawn, Knight and Bishop series with Standard Class difficulty.

The Stingray - Clear Pawn, Knight and Bishop series with Expert Class difficulty.

Silver Thunder - Clear Queen series with Expert Class difficulty.

Falcon Mk.II - Clear any one series with Master Class difficulty.

Fighting Comet - Clear Pawn, Knight, Bishop and Queen series with Master Class difficulty.

Contributed By: JL Lee.

Unlock Jet Vermillion

First, unlock every other craft and the Championship Circuit. Once you've done that, complete every series with every machine in Master class OR by completing the championship 255 times.

Contributed By: Divinemaxim.

Unlock Queen Series

Beat Pawn, Knight, Bishop all on expert with any car. After that you will unlock a new series called Queen.

Contributed By: slimjim25c.

Unlock Silence: Open C

Play a vs. game with another GBA, but with only one game pak.

Contributed By: Pokemon and Mario.