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Metroid Fusion



UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the game once in any difficultyGallery Mode (JP Version)
Beat the game on Normal onceHard Mode (JP Version)

Contributed By: ryukenshoryu.


All Endings

Under 2 hours with 100% - Samus with suit off, standing up with a clear image of her to the left. Best Appearance

Under 2 hours, under 100% - Samus with suit off, leaning up a ledge with head leaned back.

Over 2 hours, 100% - Samus with suit off, in a city.

Over 2 hours, under 4 hours, under 100% - Samus with helmet off.

Over 4 hours, under 100% - Nothing Special. Worst Appearance.

Contributed By: pacokorn77.

Secret Message

To see the secret message, you must defeat Nightmare in Sector 5 (ARC) and return to a Navigation Room WITHOUT getting the Diffusion Missile upgrade. A conversation between you, Adam and the Secret Guy will commence.

Contributed By: pacokorn77.