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James Pond: Codename Robocod


Level Password's

Enter the code's on the Password Screen, in Continue Game Option, on the Main Menu of the Game.

Y24KQTVQCKLevel 1 Completed
S12MMXRCRXLevel 10 Completed
K42MBNZBKQLevel 11 Completed
K42YBNPNMXLevel 12 Completed
M72LBNXRKTLevel 13 Completed
S15KPZPNQTLevel 2 Completed
R12NPZPNPZLevel 3 Completed
Q12NPZSFTXLevel 4 Completed
Q12LMXTKKTLevel 5 Completed
S63NMXTKNPLevel 6 Completed
Y81MMXXTFJLevel 7 Completed
M15NMXVRDMLevel 8 Completed
T81NMXVRTXLevel 9 Completed

Contributed By: SoSolidJedi and NPI.


God mode

At the start go to the first building then stretch up to collect in this order:
Cake, Hammer, Earth, Apple, Tap you are then invincible, the older among you like myself will remember this from the Amiga version. You may need to redo the task to get the invincibility before starting a new level or it may expire in the new level when sent back to the hub.

Contributed By: Hawq.


Power Combo

Collect the following in order to refill your power batteries - Penguin, Oil Can, Wine Glass, Earth and Racket - spelling POWER.

Contributed By: Crazyreyn.

Unlimited Lives Combo

Collect the following items in order to gain an Unlimited Lives Combo - Lips, Ice Cream, Violin, Earth, Snowman - spelling LIVES.

Contributed By: Crazyreyn.