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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3



UnlockableHow to Unlock
Get gold medals on the 2 Competition levelsAdditional Trick Slots
Beat the game in Pro and Sponsor Mode (all medals/goals) with 1 characterPlay as Wolverine
Beat the game with 1 character, doing all objectives and getting gold medals in Competition levelsSponsor Mode
Beat Pro Tour with all goals and gold medalsTony Hawk's THPS2 Costume
Get all the Gaps on every level, excluding The ZoneTurbo Mode
Beat all goals in Pro Tour and Sponsor Tour Modes, and get all 4 medals for each character to see their videosView Movies

Contributed By: Slateman, Kuma243, ElFreakoKid, bradios3, and slimjim25c.


Career Mode Rewards

Each time you complete career mode (of course with different skaters) you will recieve a reward:

1st time: Secret Skater: Wolverine
2nd time: Secret Level: The Zone
3rd time: Trial Mode
4th time: The Zone Addition: Speed
5th time: Secret Skater: Shaun Palmer
6th time: The Zone Addition: Rail
7th time: Secret Skater: Mindy
8th time: The Zone Addition: Geo
9th time: The Zone Addition: Fan
10th time: Cheat: Stud Mode
11th time: Cheat: Rail Balance
12th time: Cheat: Always Special
13th time: Cheat: Manual Balance
14th time: Cheat: Moon Physics
15th time: Cheat: Giant Mode
16th time: Cheat: Slow-Mo
17th time: Cheat: Tiny Mode

Contributed By: qsr.