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Final Fantasy Tactics Advance


Duplicate Items and Units

To do this trick, you must have two final fantasy tactics advance cartridges and two gameboy advances (or gba sp).

Link the two gba's and have one person (you) go into any kind of battle. When it's your turn to move, hit B to cancel the menu and press start to open up the sub menu. Now put Save Quit and it'll bring you back to the title. Now load your original data and NOT your battle save. After loading it, now both you and your friends, press start to go into the menu and select the ''Link'' option. Trade any items or units with your friends and after doing so, reset your game but don't save before doing it otherwise it'll erase your battle save. Now after reseting, load your battle save and you should still be durring the battle. Either flee or defeat your foes and check your stuff. If done correctly, you should still have the same item or unit and your friend should have a copy of that item or unit. This will come in handy when trading secret characters or rare items.

Contributed By: CW Boi 209.

Get 2 Sharas

Make sure that you don't do the S.O.S. mission. Complete the game and then get Shara. Now, play the S.O.S. mission. When you get into battle, you will notice that Ritz and Shara will be fighting some monsters. You can also use the 'other' Shara in your clan. And thus, there are 2 Sharas on the battlefield.

Contributed By: NostalgicX.


Expert Missions

To unlock Expert Missions, beat the game once and save. When you start again, you will have a star next to your name

UnlockableHow to Unlock
To unlock Expert Missions, beat the game once and save. When you start again, you will have a star next to your nameExpert Missions

Contributed By: Tayrybro.

Judge Missions Side-Quest

To be able to do the judge missions, you must beat all 300 standard missions and head over to Bervenia Palace to see a quick scene and start the judge missions.

Contributed By: CW Boi 209.

Secret Characters

With the exception of Ezel, you must complete the game once in order to unlock the hidden missions.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Clear the Left Behind mission, then enter a town and clear the With Babus mission.Babus
Clear all 300 numbered missions.Cid
Choose Gossip in the Card Shop, then clear the Reconciliation mission.Ezel
Clear the Mortal Snow mission.Ritz
Clear the A Maiden's Cry mission, then enter a town.Shara

Contributed By: TheMacIsHere.

Unlock the end of game credits

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the 300 standard missions and the extra Judge MissionsCredits

Contributed By: discoinferno84.

Unlock the Semi-Secret characters

These characters are semi-secret, and you get them by having different mission items. Note that the secret characters MIGHT join your clan, but it isn't guaranteed.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete a mission with Snake Shield as a mission itemCheney
Complete a mission with Elda's Cup as a mission itemEldena
Complete a mission with The Hero Gaol as a mission itemsLini
Complete the "Clan League" missionLittlevili
Complete a mission with Wyrmstone as a mission itemPallanza
Complete the "Missing Professor" missionQuin

Contributed By: me frog.


Easy infinite Angel Rings

1. Accept the mission 'Lutia Mop-up'
2. One of the enemies will have an Angel Ring. Steal it.
3. Retreat from the battle. You will still have the Angel Ring you stole, but the mission can still be taken, and another Angel Ring can be stolen.
4. Accept the mission when it pops up again, and repeat.

Contributed By: ClockworkDragon.

Easy level trick-Smile

Get two moogles and have them learn the ability Smile from the Juggler class (learn thief A-abilities). Then have them change to the job you want them to level up as. Have the two use Smile on eachother over and over. Once they're a really high level have other units use some action on them to gain massive amounts of experience easy, thereby leveling up your entire clan too!

Contributed By: HesiciseH.

Infinate Money/Ribbons

After you complete the game and get Shara, take her ribbon, then get rid of her, and when you get her back she will have the ribbon equiped again. Sell for 20000, then reapeat. this way you can get as many ribbons, money, and seventh-heavens you want.

Contributed By: StrikeVersion2.