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Lunar Legend


Equipment Duplication Trick

To duplicate equipment equip the item as you normally would. Unequip it and save, when you load up your game you should have 2 of the original item.

Contributed By: captaincoolio.

Free cards from the card shop

Before you buy any cards from the card shop, save the game in slot 1. Then buy as many cards as you want. After you finish buying cards, save your game in slot 2, then load your game from slot 1. You will have the cards you bought, as well as the money you spent on them.

Contributed By: FFL2and3rocks.

Full HP & MP

All you have to do is save your game and turn it off. When you turn it back on all your characters will be at full health and magic. You can do it as many times as you want.

Contributed By: rpglover01.

Hidden Damage

Petrify (using nash's stone skill or another skill) an enemy and then cast riot, it will do massive damage.

Contributed By: RaveMaster6.

Unlock Sound and Music Test

Beat the Game Once to Unlock The Sound and Music Test in the Options Menu.

Contributed By: DeviLord.