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E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial


Level Passwords

Enter the appropriate password to go to the desired level:

Left, Left, A, L, Right, Right, B, RLevel 10
Up, Up, A, Down, Down, B, L, RLevel 2
Left, Up, Right, Down, L, A, R, BLevel 3
A, Left, B, Right, L, Up, R, DownLevel 4
L, R, R, L, A, Up, B, LeftLevel 5
L, Left, R, Right, A, A, B, ALevel 6
B, R, B, L, A, Up, B, UpLevel 7
Up, Up, A, Down, Down, Left, A, BLevel 8
Right, B, B, Left, Up, R, R, LLevel 9

Contributed By: Baseman.