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Donkey Kong Country


Bonus Stage

At the main menu press Start, then hold Select and press B, Up, B, B, ABonus Stage

Contributed By: gsgreg.

Get the Sound Test menu

To see the sound test menu and listen to music from the game, at the start screen, hold select button, then press B,A,L,L,A, Down. Now, youll see the Sound player.

B, A, L, L, A, DownUnlock the Sound Test menu

Contributed By: mowmeowmeow.

Start/Continue a file with 50 lives

At the file select screen, go down to the erase command at the bottom of the screen. Hold select, and input the following buttons. Diddy will say ''Not Bad''. Now, load any of the three game files, and you will automatically start with 50 lives. You do not have to input this code again as long as you save.

B-A-R-R-A-LStart/Continue a file with 50 lives

Contributed By: Memo Munoz.


Alternate DK Attack Background

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Get an S rank on all of the DK attack levels.Alternate backgrounds for DK attack level select screen

Contributed By: spisbell.

Hero Mode

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the game once with 90 percent or more completion, then start a new game..Hero mode

Contributed By: megabassxz.

Unlocking Photographs for the Picture Album

Unlock photos in the picture album by finding the camera pieces in the various levels.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Ground Slap any Klump (Jungle Hijinks)#1: Klump Picture
In DK Hut after Very Gnawty battle (Jungle Hijinks)#10: Diddy and Donkey vine swing Picture
Over Edge of first cliff (Mine Cart Carnage)#11: Mine Cart Picture
Ground Slap any Klap-Trap (Stop and Go Station)#12: Klap-Trap Picture
Cartwheel to gap between ledges (Stop and Go Station)#13: RockKroc Picture
Complete fishing task (Funky’s Fishing)#14: Six tile fishing scene Picture (2/6)
Complete dancing task (Candy’s Dance Studio)#15: Six tile dance scene Picture (2/6)
Ground Slap center tire (Necky’s Nuts)#16: Necky Sr. Picture
Complete all with Diddy (Monkey Mines, area)#17: Diddy Kong Picture
Hit three Gnawties (Tree Top Town)#18: Gnawty Picture
Cartwheel into Camera near end of level (Forest Frenzy)#19: Mini-Necky Picture
Ride through camera in bonus level (Jungle Hijinks)#2: Donkey and Rambi Picture
Complete fishing task (Funky’s Fishing)#20: Six tile fishing scene Picture (3/6)
Glide to first Bonus Level (Orang-Utan Gang)#21: Diddy and Expresso Picture
Roll Steel Barrel into Manky Kong (Orang-Utan Gang)#22: Manky Kong Picture
Behind Clambo in vertical passage (Clam City)#23: Clambo Picture
Complete dance task (Candy’s Dance Studio)#24: Six tile dance scene Picture (3/6)
Inside Millstone (Temple Tempest)#25: Chomps Picture
Ground slap middle of arena (Bumble B. Rumble)#26: Zinger Picture
Top of up-rope (Slipslide Ride)#27: Chomps Jr. Picture
In narrow tunnel near two Cannon Barrels (Croctopus Chase)#28: Croctopus Picture
Complete Dance Task (Candy’s Dance Studio)#29: Six tile dance scene Picture (4/6)
Ground Slap any Army (Ropey Rampage)#3: Army Picture
In gap above Barrel Cannon (Ice Age Alley)#30: Snow Scene Picture
Complete fishing task (Funky’s Fishing)#31: Six tile fishing scene Picture (4/6)
On tree trunk (Rope Bridge Rumble)#32: Treetop Scene Picture
In last Bonus Level (Torchlight Trouble)#33: Squarks Picture
In Mincer alcove (Poison Pond)#34: Squidge Picture
Complete fishing task (Funky’s Fishing)#35: Six tile fishing scene Picture (5/6)
Complete dance task (Candy’s Dance Studio)#36: Six tile dance scene Picture (5/6)
Ram any Krusha with Rambi (Manic Mincers)#37: Rambi and Donkey Picture
Floating to left of Expresso Token (Misty Mine)#38: Bitesize Picture
Catch crab (Funky’s Fishing)#39: Funky Picture
Bounce or roll on three Kritters (Reptile Rumble)#4: Kritter Picture
Complete fishing task (Funky’s Fishing)#40: Six tile fishing scene Picture (6/6)
Visit all Cranky Cabins (Cranky’s Cabin)#41: Cranky Picture
Entrance to level (Loopy Lights)#42: Kongs in mine cart Picture
Complete dance task (Candy’s Dance Studio)#43: Six tile dance scene Picture (6/6)
Cartwheel from arrow platform (Platform Perils)#44: Krusha Picture
Collect all KONG Letters (Platform Perils)#45: The Kongs Picture
Defeat all bosses (Necky’s Revenge)#46: Kong Cabin Scene Picture
Collect 400 Tokens (Token Bonus)#47: Donkey Kong Picture
Collect 600 Tokens (Token Bonus)#48: Enguarde Picture
Collect 600 Tokens (Token Bonus)#49: Expresso Picture
Bounce or roll on three Slippas (Reptile Rumble)#5: Slippa Picture
Collect 600 Tokens (Token Bonus)#50: Rambi Picture
Collect 600 Tokens (Token Bonus)#51: Winky Picture
Defeat K.Rool (Gang-Plank Galleon)#52: K.Rool and friends Picture
Swim to secret alcove under “G” (Coral Capers)#6: Aquatic Scene Picture
Complete fishing task (Funky’s Fishing)#7: Six tile fishing scene Picture (1/6)
Complete dance task (Candy’s Dance Studio)#8: Six tile dance scene Picture (1/6)
Achieve Perfect rating (Candy’s Dance Studio)#9: Candy Picture

Contributed By: Stubz.


Exit Previously Beaten Levels

Once you've beaten a level you can press Start and then Select in the level to exit it.

Contributed By: Conquerer.

Unlimited Time Bonus on Bouncy Bonanza

Right after the part where you get the frog, drop down to the ledge on the right. You will be back in the same room and you can collect the +5 multiplier again. Rinse and Repeat for as big of a time bonus as you want!

Contributed By: bradonius.