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Spyro Orange: The Cortex Conspiracy


Fun Passwords

At the game mode screen, press the L and R buttons together to activate the code entry screen.

V1S10NS100 gems (can only be used once per save slot)
G3MZActivate gray mode
T4P10C4Receive 200 gems
V4N1LL4Receive hidden card
S0YB34NReceive hidden card
B41S0KVreplaces Spyro's flame with flying sheep (will revert upon reset)
SH33Pturns enemies into sheep (will revert upon reset)
SP4RXturns entire game orange (will revert upon reset)
P0RT4Lturns entire game purple (will revert upon reset)
SPYR0turns Spryo orange (will revert upon reset)

Contributed By: fakecortex and SHong.


Various Unlockables

NOTE: The unlockable levels will pop up when you get close to their location. They are like the bonus portals.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Link 2 copies of Spyro Orange.! Sheep (Card)
Complete everything including Gem Hop.Death From Behind (level)
Win Death From Behind.P Sheep (Card)
Win Sheep Chase.R Sheep (Card)
Win Sheep Shearin'.S Sheep (Card)
Collect 100 gems in Gem Hop.Sheep (Card)
Complete everything including Gem Hop.Sheep Chase (level)
Complete everything including Gem Hop.Sheep Shakedown (level)
Complete everything including Gem Hop.Sheep Shearin' (level)
Win Sheep Shakedown.Y Sheep (Card)

Contributed By: spyro12.

Easter Eggs

Crash Party USA

Hold the L and R buttons while you turn on the power and a secret game will start up instead of Spyro Orange. You get to make Crash dance!

Contributed By: mozepy.

Fan Art in the Credits

After you beat the Story Mode select Credits from the menu and instead of the Spyro Orange Logo you will see a slideshow of 5 pieces of what appear to be fan art behind the credit roll.

Contributed By: mozepy.