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The Incredibles


Cheat Passwords

Enter this password in the password screen in the main menu

69DDInfinite lives
96KRInvincibility, Infinite Incredi-Meter, attacks cause more damage
FG6YMr. Incredible always wears his red costume
ZYQ8Unlock level select option at the main menu (press L or R to change your starting level)

Contributed By: shadowcore76.


Level Passwords

Input these in the password menu, on the main screen.

MSW5Level 1-1-1
BK8VLevel 1-1-2
69NNLevel 1-2-1
GFVYLevel 1-3-1
V34KLevel 1-3-2
94HRLevel 2-1-1
ZWLGLevel 2-1-2
SP??Level 2-1-3
KDY3Level 2-2-1
Y27FLevel 2-3-1
6!2NLevel 2-3-2
BHBVLevel 2-3-3
MQR5Level 2-4-1
3YTKLevel 2-4-2
?6DSLevel 2-4-3
6?SRLevel 2-5-2
SNJ5Level 2-5-3
MNW9Level 3-1-1
BF8ZLevel 3-2-1
65NSLevel 3-2-2
YVKKLevel 3-2-3
KGTYLevel 3-2-4
SRD6Level 3-3-1
Z3ZBLevel 3-4-1
9?5MLevel 3-5-1
FC73Level 3-5-2
NL2?Level 3-5-3
VXBGLevel 3-6-1
YWKJLevel 3-6-2
GJQZLevel 3-6-3
KHP2Level 3-7-1
313KLevel 3-7-2
?!JTLevel 4-1-1
ML17Level 4-2-1
YXFCLevel 4-3-1
GHV1Level 4-4-1
VW4CLevel 4-5-1
YX!FLevel 4-6-1 (final level)

Contributed By: Mykas0.

Level Select

Enter this at the password screen, in the main menu.

SNDFA bar with "111" appears on the main menu. Increment or decrease the number with L or R, and choose "New Game" to warp to the chosen level.

Contributed By: Takaoldaria.

Secret passwords

Enter this password in the password screen in the main menu

YZTP1-1-2 with Unlimited Lives
MS5W1-2-1 with Unlimited Lives
BKZ41-3-1 with Unlimited Lives
M!K3infinite lives (play from the very first level)
MS91Start at 1-3-1 with unlimited lives
SP77Start at Level 2-2-1 with 6 lives
94MCStart on Level 2-2-1 with unlimited lives
MSMCTo enable debug, press L, R to select the function, level, select new game to access
RNZRUnlimited Incredimeter Abilities

Contributed By: Cloud_668, da_timos, and Elmotus.