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Tony Hawk's Underground 2


Graffiti editor

Beat Level 1 - 2 of the Tagging minigame

Contributed By: idunno_.


Misc. Cheats

To unlock these cheats, play the Stylin' Mini-game

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat Level 03 in Stylin'Always Special
Beat Level 07 of Stylin'Jet Pack Mode
Beat Level 06 of Stylin'Lip Balance
Beat Level 04 in Stylin'Manual Balance
Beat Level 08 of Stylin'Matrix Mode
Beat Level 10 of Stylin'Mini Mode
Beat Level 05 in Stylin'Moon Physics
Beat Level 02 of Stylin'Perfect Rail
Beat Level 01 of Stylin'Stud mode
Beat Level 09 of Stylin'Turbo Mode

Contributed By: Kirby100, Matt J100, and 53630222.

Unlock Skaters for Arcade Mode

To Unlock Skaters Arcade Mode you must play play Tennis shooter in Story mode at least once.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat Level 20 in Tennis ShooterBam Margera
Beat Level 40 in Tennis ShooterBig Foot
Beat Level 10 in Tennis ShooterBob Burnquist
Beat Level 30 in Tennis ShooterChad Muska
Beat Level 15 in Tennis ShooterEric Koston
Beat Level 39 in Tennis ShooterEric Sparrow
Beat Level 35 in Tennis ShooterMike Vallely
Beat Level 25 in Tennis ShooterRodney Mullen
Beat Level 5 in Tennis ShooterTony Hawk
Beat Level 41 in Tennis ShooterWee-Bones

Contributed By: Specguide and Matt J100.



Once you unlock Bam's character on the map, talk to him. Knock down the rollerbladers, then go back. He'll give you the Tennis Shooter minigame. Once you've completed three levels, save your game to access Tennis Shooter at any time from the main menu.

Contributed By: Drayxs.