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Riviera: The Promised Land


Extra Content

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Talk to the Claude after Ch.2 but before Ch.3 and input: Right, Down, A, Up, B. (This can only be done if you searched the dungeon with the text)Item Manual

Contributed By: xNinjaOfChaosx.

Extra Contents

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Obtain Event Item "Key to Hell"Bonus Chapter
Obtain Event Item "Album"CG Collection
Obtain Event Item "Magic Mirror"Face Collection
Obtain Event Item "Valdes Scripture"High Score
Obtain Event Item "Item Manual"Item Manual
Obtain Event Item "Music Sheet"Sound Test
Obtain Event Item "Spiral Shell"Voice Collection

Contributed By: blizzmare.

Key to Hell

In chapter 5, when you reach the "ankh and water maze", put the T ankh in the blue crystal. Go to screen 6 and check the rock twice. You'll enter the Gate to Hell where you'll fight the Zombie Dragon. Beat him to get the Key to Hell which allows you to fight Hades after you beat the game.

Contributed By: ewiggy77.


Bathing Scenes

In the game there are two hidden bathing scenes.

In chapter 3, near the end, have Lina and Fia pick up the Feather. When you come back to Elendia, talk to the fairy inside Lina's & Fia's place to learn their whereabouts. Go to Undine Spring. Head to the next screen (don't talk to the fairy or it's going to mess up). Enjoy!

In chapter 4, in the middle of the chapter, there will be some kind of bush. Examine it and pick it up. It's Mint. Back to Elendia, talk to the fairy inside Lina's and Fia's place. Go to the Undine Spring. A golem will be guarding the place. Successfully destroy it and you will enjoy the last scene.

Contributed By: Techno_Man.

Fanelia Beam

The Fanelia is a one-time use item that does 999 damage for 8 consecutive hits and is the strongest weapon in the game. It can only be found after stage 5 or 6. After being transferred back to Elendia, go to Undine spring and use the look option to examine the ground. It will give the player option of digging. Dig the ground 5 times and you will will find the Fanelia, which can be used to fire the Fanelia Beam.

Contributed By: rajinasian.


The Longinus is the second most powerful weapon in the game. To get it, you must S-rank Seth-Rah in a playthrough, then on the next playthrough, in Chapter 1, you will find the Longinus instead of the Rosier stuck in the ground.

Contributed By: Buddhu23.