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Mega Man Battle Network 5: Team Colonel


Chip Attack Bonuses

After you activate the chip, push the combinations to activate their other abilities.

ShadeMan/SP/DS (Press Down, Down-Left, Left + A)After his attack, enemies will be confused.
ShadeMan/SP/DS (Press Down, Down-Right, Right + A)After his attack, enemies will be paralyzed.
LarkMan/SP/DS (Press Up, Up-Right, Right, Down-Right, & Down)LarkMan pierces through shields, auras, & barriers.
Colonel/SP/DS (Press Left + B)The slash will reverse direction

Contributed By: KratosIrving and Lord_Yawgmoth.

Chip codes

Entering a button command will an enhancement to certain chips when used.

Z-Saber (Press Left+ B)4th slash is added to combo
Gyroman/SP/DS (Hold L+R)All bombs are dropped on one enemy

Contributed By: X702BN3.

Navi Customizer Programs - Compression Codes

To enter these codes, have the desired Navi Customizer Program highlighted in the Navi Customizer screen. Hold the Right (->) button on the D-Pad, then enter the 10 button code (Composed of different combinations of the buttons A, B, L and R) for that NCP to compress it.
Once compressed, the Navi Customizer Program's size will be reduced by one block, or square. Only non-textured programs can be compressed (AutoRun cannot be compressed either), and inputting the code again will decompress it.

BLBABLBBAACompresses AirShoes
LLLRRBARBLCompresses AttackMAX
RLRLRBBRABCompresses AutoHeal
AABRABRLLRCompresses BatteryMode
ABBRAABRBRCompresses BeatSupport
BARABRLRRACompresses BodyPack
BABLABRLRBCompresses BugStopper
LLRARLBLARCompresses BusterPack
ALAARBRBARCompresses ChargeMAX
BRALARBAABCompresses Collect
AARLBABALBCompresses Custom 1
BARLLRALBRCompresses Custom 2
RRBBRBRBAACompresses Dandyism
RLABBARALRCompresses FirstBarrier
ALLBRLAAALCompresses FloatShoes
RRLBLLARBLCompresses GigaFolder1
BBRALBLARRCompresses GigaVirus
ABLARABLRLCompresses HumourSense
BABALRARAACompresses I'm Fish
LRLABLBBLACompresses Jungle Land
RBBARBRARBCompresses KawarimiMagic
BBABBRRLARCompresses MegaFolder 1
LABBLBAALLCompresses MegaFolder2
AABLARBLAACompresses MegaVirus
RLRARRLLLRCompresses Millionare
LBRARLABLBCompresses Oil Body
LLRBLLAALBCompresses Reflect
RBLRBRLLRLCompresses RushSupport
ALRABLRALRCompresses SaitoBatch
RLRLRBBRABCompresses SelfRecovery
ABARALRBBACompresses Shield
RLLALLBABBCompresses ShinobiDash
RABRALLRBACompresses SuperArmor
LBLABLABALCompresses TangoSupport
ARBBRLRALACompresses UnderShirt

Contributed By: Nigoli, dinobotmaximized, and ExcellentNuke.


If you hold down 'A' and put in a button sequence fast, you will get a wider range for NeoVarSwrd.

Down, Right, UpCrossSwrd slash
Up, B, Down, B, Up, BDouble LifeSwrd slash
Left, Right, Left, BSuperSonicBoom slash

Contributed By: Dalent.

Numberman codes

Go to the numberman machine in Higsby's shop when it is placed there and enter the passwords to get your prize.

35607360Anti Elec *
73877466Anti Fire *
44213168Anti Heal P
05068930Anti Navi V
10386794Anti Sword R
25465278Anti Water *
10133670Anti Wood *
63231870Attack MAX (Yellow NCP)
79877132BeatSupport NCP
30112002BodyPack NCP
50364410Bug Fix *
80246758BusterPack NCP
87412146Charge MAX (White NCP)
15595587Custom 2
07765623Custom Bolt 3 G
68799876Dark Invis *
52052687Death Match 3 V
91098051DjangoSP D
12118790Full Energy
90914896Full Energy
35321321Gun Del Sol 3 O
90630807HP +200 (Pink NCP)
48785625HP+300 (Pink) NCP
13926561HP+300 (White NCP)
03419893HP+400 (Pink NCP)
45654128HP+400 NCP
31084443HP+50 NCP
50906652HP+500 (Pink) NCP
72846472HP+500 (White NCP)
29789661Lock Enemy
97513648Mega Folder 2 NCP
48958798Noise Storm S
83143652Quick Gauge *
36695497Rapid MAX (Pink NCP)
18746897Recovery-300 Y
09609807RushSupport NCP
64892292Shinobi Dash
28256341SoulTime +1 (Yellow NCP)
12541883Spin Blue
78987728Spin Green
30356451Spin Red
68942679Steal Revenge P
54288793TangoSupport NCP

Contributed By: Nigoli and timhk2004.

VarSwrd codes

To use these, you must hold down the 'A' button and quickly put in the sequence. These only work with VarSwrd.

Left, Left-Down, Down, Right-Down, RightFghtswrd slash
Down, Left, Up, Right, DownLifeSwrd slash
Down, Right-Down, RightLongswrd slash
Left, B, Right, BSonicBoom
Up, Right, DownWideswrd slash

Contributed By: Dalent.


Giga Chips

These are the giga chips and how to get them:

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Defeat Lord Chaos Bass in Nebula Net 6.BassAnly
Bought for 100 Bugfrags in Undernet 2.BugCharge
Baryl gives it to you when you enter Nebula Base.CrossDiv
Defeat the Lord Chaos Nebula Gray in Nebula Net 6.MeteoKnuckle
Nebula 4 PMD (you require 60 megachips and 30 PAs to get it.OmegaRocket
Bought at Higsby's Shop for 25000Z.Phoenix

Contributed By: ofirissmart.

Save Icons

Save Icons that go on top of the Title Screen for what you have accomplished in your saved game.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat Nebula Gray.Colonel's Icon
Collect All 12 Dark ChipsDark Complete
Beat Forte SP/Forte XX after Beating Lord of Chaos ForteV3 in Nebula Hole Area 6 (Forte SP/XX Comes up as a Random Encounter)Forte's Icon
Collect All 6 Giga ChipsGiga Complete
Collect All 60 Mega ChipsMega Complete
Use All 30 Program AdvancesP.A. Complete
Collect All 180 Standard ChipsStandard Complete

Contributed By: Nigoli.

Secret Bosses

There are secret bosses in the game that require completing all Liberation Missions (including Nebula Area Liberation Missions).

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Defeat Chaos Lord Bass/Forte V3Bass/Forte SP
Defeat all 6 DS navis with an average time between 25-40 secondsChaos Lord - Bass/Forte V3
Defeat all 6 DS navis with an average time under 25 secondsChaos Lord - Megaman/Rockman DS
Defeat all 6 DS navis in Nebula Area6Chaos Lord - Nebula Gray V2
Defeat all 6 DS navis witha an average time over 40 secondsChaos Lord - Nebula Gray V3

Contributed By: BluesSoul617.


Easy Zenny

A easy way to make Zenny is during or after Cosmoman's liberation mission. Get NumberMan to search the 3 item panels straight ahead of the start point. You should get 1800 Zenny. Retreat and restart the mission. The item panels will be back, along with the 1800 Zenny. Repeat until you have all the zenny you need.

Contributed By: ikilledkenny2.