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Scooby-Doo! Unmasked



Select "password" from the main and enter the following passwords:

XRG0Z9NRCaveman Defeated
K3VPZX8TCookie Foctory Complete (level 2)
RX1FRS96Defeat The Guitar Ghoul
!4QLDLJ0Defeat Zen Tuo (level 2)
SF6NQF0XFight The Caveman
W!5?VXCKFight The Guitar Ghoul
61Q9N1NHFinal Fight! Unlock
V4T18HFVHaunted House Complete
L4RG42D3Ice Age Exhibit Complete
LJL7FW?RLevel 1 Complete
FZ0T3!4PMedieval Exhibit Complete
1Q0QQTCXMystery #1 Solved (Velma Mini-Game)
HCHV7W?RMystery #2 Solved (Velma Mini-Game)
!WJW?9SMMystery #3 Solved (Velma Mini-Game)
X9G1Z9NRMystery #4 Solved (Velma Mini-Game)
5RPRJRFVRide #1 Complete (level 2)
X?6?VZBKRide #2 Complete (level 3)
W8K1Z8PRRide #3 Complete
8QNWMK0Sewers Complete (level 2)
1WKCPCT8Trap #1 Complete (Fred Mini-Game)
9BHV?8TMTrap #2 Complete (Fred Mini-Game)
2PVX17QPTrap #3 Complete (Fred Mini-Game)
THBLCL!RUnlock Circus Tent (level 3)
FPB7NB2HUnlock Haunted House Sub-Level (level 3)
ZZ0?KSL6Unlock Ice Age Exhibit sub-level (level 4)
BXMZFM?RUnlock Medieval Exhibit Sub-Level (level 4)
FFPZFB!RUnlock Sewer Sub-Level (level 2)
0Q2Q8?CXUnlock Workshop 1 Sun-level (Level 1)
?W9G12L6Unlock Workshop 2 Sun-level (Level 1)

Contributed By: shadowcore76.