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Drill Dozer


Full Gearbox

Once you have unlocked the Full Gearbox using the secret room in the tutorial level, you are able to replay any world with all three gears by using its effect. To activate it, hold R and press Select while on the world select screen. The Screw Bit will turn yellow to indicate that you have activated the Full Gearbox.

R+SelectToggle Full Gearbox on World Map screen

Contributed By: TFergusson.

Hard Mode

Once you have the Proof of Mastery item, you can select Hard mode on the file select screen by holding down L+R before you hit the Start button.

L+R+StartHard mode

Contributed By: CharlieF.


Secret Password Effect Codes

Once an Unlock Code has been entered in the secret room in the tutorial level, you may enter one or more Effect Codes of equal or lower level. These codes may be entered freely and without any specific method - there is no need to reset the combination lock at any time unless you need to enter another Unlock Code.

Entering in a correct Effect Code will cause a chest to appear from the purple brick pipe in the room. Simply walk into the chest to claim the prize. Certain chests (the wallpapers, for example) may be collected multiple times to alter the current effect. In particular and as an example, the Standard Wallpaper chest will not appear until you have changed the current message border to something else.

Note that these codes will not work until the correct Unlock Code has been entered since entering the secret room. The Master Seal and Full Gearbox enable certain key combinations on particular screens for extra effects, detailed in the code section. The Soundstone opens up a Music/SFX Player in Gearmo's Save Menu at the Trailer. The Wallpapers change the border around messages and the inside of the Red Dozers' Trailer. And the Costumes allow you to change Jill's appearance by highlighting her in the trailer and pressing either the L or R buttons.

Finally, two Effect Codes have further requirements before they will work. The Soundstone chest will not appear until you have found the Soundstone treasure in Area 1-2, and the Full Gearbox chest will not appear until you have collected all 31 treasures, earning the highest rank: Crime Boss.

Level 3 Code: 7073Effect 01 - Misc: Master Seal
Level 2 Code: 7867Effect 02 - Misc: Full Gearbox
Level 1 Code: 2403Effect 03 - Wallpaper: Standard
Level 1 Code: 4089Effect 04 - Wallpaper: Samurai
Level 1 Code: 1814Effect 05 - Wallpaper: Rock Star
Level 2 Code: 2059Effect 06 - Wallpaper: UFO
Level 2 Code: 8785Effect 07 - Wallpaper: Control Center
Level 3 Code: 5074Effect 08 - Wallpaper: Happy
Level 2 Code: 4181Effect 09 - Costume: Thief Threads
Level 3 Code: 5716Effect 10 - Costume: School Clothes
Level 1 Code: 5746Effect 11 - Costume: Frog Suit
Level 3 Code: 5854Effect 12 - Costume: Blue Overalls
Level 3 Code: 2828Effect 13 - Costume: Stylish Skirt
Level 1 Code: 2094Effect 14 - Costume: Cute Clothes
Level 3 Code: 1419Effect 15 - Costume: Futuristic Clothes
Level 3 Code: 2438Effect 16 - Costume: Nurse Uniform
Level 2 Code: 2458Effect 17 - Costume: Inspector Uniform
Level 1 Code: 9025Effect 18 - Costume: Drill Dozer Coveralls
Level 1 Code: 9434Effect 19 - Misc: Soundstone

Contributed By: TFergusson.

Secret Password Unlock Codes

Once you have earned the Mega Bit by buying it from the shop after it becomes available, you will have access to a secret room in the tutorial world (Red Dozers' Training Course). This room contains a 4-digit combination lock.

Before you can properly use this room to enter in secret passwords, you must first enter an unlock code. There are 3 levels of Unlock Codes, each unlocking more passwords than the previous.

To enter an Unlock Code, you must first reset the combination lock by selecting one of the digits and hitting start while the drill is inserted - this will reset the code back to 9999. Once this is done, you must set each of the digits of the Unlock Code to their correct number in the correct order. If you change one of the numbers out of order, or if you connect to and alter the same number twice before completing the unlock code, then the code will not work and you will have to reset the combination again by pressing Start.

Once the fourth number is correctly set, the combination lock will auto-reset to show that you have entered the code correctly. You may then either enter another Unlock Code, or enter an Effect Code of equal or lower level.

Unlock Codes stay in effect until you leave the room. If you re-enter the room at a later time, you must input the Unlock Code again to use more Effect Codes.

Set 3rd number to 1, set 1st number to 2, set 4th number to 3, set 2nd number to 4: final displayed number is 2413Level 1 Codes unlocked
Set 3rd number to 8, set 1st number to 6, set 4th number to 5, set 2nd number to 3: final displayed number is 6385Level 2 Codes and below unlocked
Set 2nd number to 8, set 4th number to 2, set 1st number to 3, set 3rd number to 5: final displayed number is 3852Level 3 Codes and below unlocked

Contributed By: TFergusson.