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Mega Man Battle Network 6: Cybeast Falzar


Compress Navi Customizer Programs

To compress program pieces in the navi customizer, open up the navi customizer screen, and highlight the piece you wish to shrink. Hold Right on the D-pad and press the corresponding set of buttons to shrink the piece. To decompress the piece, repeat the process.

ARBABRRBALCompress AirShoes
BRBBBBBARRCompress BatteryMode
ALABBAAABACompress Collector's Eye
LBBRBAALRRCompress Custom1
RALLAABRBACompress Custom2
BLBRLLLABACompress GigaFolder1
ARAABARRBACompress I'm Fish
ALARBRARLBCompress JungleLand
BLALBRALBACompress KawarimiMagic(AntiDmg)
ARLALALLABCompress MegaFolder1
LALRBLRLRACompress MegaFolder2
AAALAABLRACompress NumberOpening
LRABARBBLRCompress OilBody
LAABRRLRLRCompress Reflect
BBBABBAARBCompress ShinobiDash
ABLLAALRBACompress SuperArmor
RRALLRAABBCompress UnderShirt
LBRBABLBALCompresses AttackMAX
LRBBALRABACompresses BeatSupport
RLABLRLAABCompresses BodyPack
BAABBBALBACompresses BoosterPack
AAABRLBAALCompresses BugStopper
LLALLBABBBCompresses ChargeMAX
BBARABLARRCompresses First Barrier
RALABLBBRBCompresses Float Shoes
ABLRRBRLBACompresses FolderBack1
BBARBLARBLCompresses FolderBack2
LLABLBABLLCompresses HumorSense
RBARALBBBLCompresses Millionaire
BABARRLLABCompresses RathmicalPoem
RLBAABALLRCompresses RushSupport
RRABLRARLACompresses Search Shuffle
BBBAABAABBCompresses SelfRecovery
RBBBAAABRLCompresses Shield
ALAAALLABRCompresses SlipRunner
BRBRRABBRACompresses TangoSupport

Contributed By: Cybertic Dragon, ForteGSOmega, and MegaMagnetMan.


Lottery Chip Machine Codes

Once you are able to enter the chip shop in Central Town, go inside to find a green machine on the right-hand side. Upon pressing A in front of the machine, you will be able to enter a series of numbers to receive bonus items.

71757977AirWheel3 O
51702791AquaMan *
69544569BambooLance *
24616497BlastMan *
97049899BlizzardBall H
28271002Body Pack (Pink NCP)
19790420Buster Pack (Red NCP)
92070765ChargeMan *
51378085CircleGun V
44892547ColonelArmy *
23722234CountBomb3 M
38116449DeathMatch *
32310827DiveMan *
60884138DrillArm M
79814666DustMan *
30424514ElecMan *
08789369ElementWrap *
39345472Full Energy SubChip
45566783Full Energy SubChip
87341489Get "Full Energy"
04789479Get "Unlocker"
54654618Get NCP "HP+300"
10414878GroundMan *
14212857GunDelSol3 W
12404002HeatMan *
49951337HP+100 (White NCP)
08749780HP+400 (Green NCP)
55031325HP+500 (White NCP)
84387543KillerMan *
37495453Lock Enemy SubChip
68008194Lock Enemy SubChip
16336487Lock Enemy SubChip
98766899Lock Enemy SubChip
88674125MegaBoomerang M
70741543Program for Beat
32132348Program for Rush
12046210Rapid MAX (Green NCP)
59485971Receive an Untrap subchip
94305487Receive ChargeMAX Navi Cust program
24823665Receive HP+200 Navi Cust program
37889678Receive HP+50 Navi Cust program
09256524Receive SpinGreen
77837421Receive SpinRed
41976910Receive SpinYellow
75641392Recovery300 Y
15511679Shinobi Dash SubChip
79459146Shinobi Dash SubChip
74198795Shinobi Dash SubChip
55910601SlashMan *
69548756Tango Support (Green NCP)
00297421TenguMan *
67520179TomahawkMan *
97403000Uninstall G
04789479Unlocker SubChip
99910954Unlocker SubChip
41161139Unlocker SubChip
82564319Unlocker SubChip
22812406Untrap SubChip
09000465Untrap SubChip

Contributed By: Cybertic Dragon, defalj2331, th3l3fty, Chivaro, lilchao, and Zanza27.


Giga Chips

The list of Giga chips are below:

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Defeat Bass/Forte SP in Graveyard Area.BassAnly/ForteAnother F
Buy it from a Bugfrag Dealer in Sky Area1 for 100 Bugfrags.BugThunder V
Buy it from a Punk navi in Graveyard Area for 30000 Zenny.CrossDiv D
Defeat Bass/Forte BX in Underground2.HubBatch/SaitoBatch J
Receive from E-Mail when you first enter Graveyard Area.MetrKnuk N

Contributed By: BluesSoul617.

Items From Net Cafe Owners

In each of the Net areas (excluding the ACDC and Green Areas), there is a Net Cafe where you can buy coffee for 10z a cup. Each time you buy a cup, they will give you a small piece of information. After you buy enough coffee, the owners will recognize you as a regular customer and give you an item.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
GreenArea2 Net CafeAntiSwrd *
CentralArea1 Net CafeBugStop (Yellow NCP)
SkyArea1 Net CafeHP Memory

Contributed By: th3l3fty.

Secret Bosses

There are secret bosses in the game that require having a certain amount of chips or having a certain Title Screen Icon.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Obtain the Bass/Forte IconBass/Forte BX
Collect all 200 Standard ChipsBass/Forte SP
Obtain the Bass/Forte IconFalzar Beast Megaman/Rockman SP
Collect all Title Screen IconsFalzar SP
Complete all 35 Requests on the Request BBSProtoman/Blues FZ

Contributed By: BluesSoul617.

Title Screen Icons

Upon completing the tasks listed below, various icons showing your accomplishments will be displayed at the top of the title screen.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Collect all 5 Giga Chips"GIGA COMP" Icon
Collect all 39 (45 in JP Version) Mega Chips"MEGA COMP" Icon
Activate all 30 Program Advances"P.A. COMP" Icon
Collect all 200 Standard Chips"STD COMP" Icon
Defeat Forte SP at Graveyard Area 2 with all 5 Falzer Link Navis installed through their respective Navi Data Chips through a Beast Link Gate deviceBeast Link Gate Icon (JP Only)
Using the 10 Event Cards off Modification Card Part 2 e+ Cards that unlock the 10 Extra Missions, Complete Them and then Defeat Blues [Protoman] FZBlues [Protoman] Icon
Beat the gameFaltzer Icon
Defeat Forte [Bass] SPForte [Bass] Icon

Contributed By: Cybertic Dragon and Nigoli.