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Final Fantasy V Advance


Easy Mover Encounter

In the last floor of the Rift, you may encounter a group of three Movers. Altogether they yield 199 AP and 150,000 Gil--making them long-sought. However, they have a relatively low encounter rate meaning that one might go on without encountering any Movers for a long time. However, there is a way to induce an encounter with them--first, you must be in the place where you can encounter them. Next, you have to encounter the Movers (the hardest part of this exercise). Then, once you've defeated them, quicksave and reload. This should take a couple of seconds. Move around a bit and enter a battle--it'll be against a group of enemies. After that battle, move around and enter another battle--this time, you should encounter three Movers. After the battle, repeat the process and you should get an encounter with Movers on your second battle every time. The Zeningage skill (Gil Toss) skill is recommended on killing both groups of enemies, and Movers should provide you with an infinite source of cash and AP.

Contributed By: Boomerang78.

Easy Walse Castle Basement Looting Glitch

This works only on the Gameboy Advance version of Final Fantasy V. After so many steps, you are automatically thrust into battle. However, if you quicksave, exit and continue, the step counter is reset. If you take only 5 steps, a few more if you're feeling risky, save and load, you can get all the treasures and get out without encountering a single Jackanapes. Like this, you don't have to run if you are going for the Brave Blade and you do not have to encounter the Jackanapes on your first visit to the castle.

Contributed By: Jigglypuff.

No forced runs from Chicken Knife

The weapon Chicken Knife has a "special" ability to force the user to run away from battle every now and then. But, there is a way to trick the game into NOT activating this effect while still using this powerful weapon.

1. You must be a Ninja, Thief with Dual-Wield, OR Freelancer with Dual-Wield.
2. Equip the weapon Twin Lance in your right hand. (Twin Lance is a Ninja/Thief exclusive weapon)
3. Equip the weapon Chicken Knife in your left hand.

Because Twin Lance has the inherent ability to attack twice, you will be attacking a total of three times with this setup. However, the game is tricked into thinking that all the attacks have already been performed, so it does NOT check the Chicken Knife's special ability when it is the third attack. Remember, Twin Lance must be in your RIGHT hand, not left hand, or this will not work.

Contributed By: Antitype.

Skip Final Boss's Second Form

The final boss in this game normally has two forms: if you kill the first, you are supposed to go to the second directly for another battle. However, there is a way to bypass this: you will need to kill the first form with Chaos Cannon. Chaos Cannon is a Mix from the Chemist class, made with Blitzshot and Dark Matter. So long as that attack kills the first form of Exdeath, the battle ends outright.

Contributed By: KeyBlade999.


Extra content

The GBA release of FF5 has some extra job classes and dungeons thrown in that are unavailable in previous releases of the game. Getting to all of it is detailed in the following chart.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Available once you get all 12 legendary weapons from Kuza Castle.??? Cave
Available when you first enter the ??? Cave.Cannoneer, Gladiator, and Oracle jobs
Available once you earn the Necromancer job.Cloister of the Dead
Defeat Enuo in the Sealed Temple.Necromancer job
Beat the game once.Sealed Temple

Contributed By: UltimaterializerX.

Music Player

Beat the game once, then the music player will be available in Extra at the main menu.

Contributed By: barbarianbob.