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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest


Cheat Mode

Pause game play, then press Select to display the "Enter Cheat Code" prompt. Then enter one of the following codes to activate the corrosponding function.

A, L, Select, R, Right(2)1,000 gold
Right, Left(2), Down, Up, SelectAll ship upgrades
Left, A, Left, Select, Down(2)Exit map to island navigation
R, L, Up(2), Left, RightInvincibility
Right, L, Down, A, Left, SelectJack Sparrow fully upgraded
Up, R, Down, Left(2), RightKeep your ship sailing as fast as possible (Magic Wind)
Up, R button, Down, Left, Left, RightMagic Wind, keeps wind at your back, letting you sail as fast as possible ( cheat code must be re-entered each time you restart your game )
A, Select, Left, Down, Right, UpRestore grog/food
Select, R, A, L, Left, RightRestore health
A, L, Select, A, Right, UpUnlock Rumors

Contributed By: LoZgod and filix5.