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Open Season


Extra lives and skip levels

At any time during the game, press start to pause and then hold down the L button. The words "Cheat Mode" will appear on the screen. Continue to hold L down and enter any of these passwords for the desired affect. Note that you can only use three cheat codes per save file and that you must be on a level in order to skip it. The words "Cheat Mode" flash green if entered correctly.

Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Select, Start30 Woo-Hoo bars
Start, Select, B, A, RightSkip "Bever Land"
Start, Select, B, A, LeftSkip "Duck Land"
Start, Select, B, A, UpSkip "Rabbit Land"
Start, Select, B, A, DownSkip "Skunk Land"
Start, Select, B, A, BSkip "Squirrel Land"
Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, StartThree extra lives

Contributed By: Arguro.

Easter Eggs

Change Boog into a Polar Bear

At any time in a level, bring up the pause screen and hold down L. While holding L press Down, Up, Down, B, A. When you resume the game, Boog will now be snow-white giving the appearence of a Polar Bear.

Contributed By: Lijik.