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Disney's Meet the Robinsons


Goodies from Presents

Finding the Present hidden in each level allows you to unlock various extras in the Goodies section.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Lewis Pt. 4Art Photo
Wilbur Pt. 2Billie Photo
Boss: T-RexBud Action Figure
Wilbur Pt. 4Bud Photo
Boss: CarlCarl
Wilbur Pt. 5Franny Photo
Lewis Pt. 1Fritz and Petunia Photo
Wilbur Pt. 1Gaston Photo
Lewis Pt. 5Joe Photo
Lewis Pt. 3Laszlo Photo
Boss: Mega DorisLittle Doris Action Figure
Boss: Little Doris 1Little Doris Guard
Wilbur Pt. 3Lucille Photo
Boss: Little Doris 2Mega Doris
Time Machine Pt. 5Prototype #45
Time Machine Pt. 4Prototype #58
Time Machine Pt. 1Prototype #6
Time Machine Pt. 2Prototype #952
Time Machine Pt. 3Prototype Toy
Lewis Pt. 2Tallulah Photo

Contributed By: RandyPandy.