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Nickelodeon Drake & Josh


Episode passwords

Enter these passwords in the 'password' at the Main Menu.

2548Episode 6, Final Level: Stage Fright Arcade, All Guitars, No Essay Papers

Contributed By: NitrousNintendo.

Level passwords

Enter these passwords to go to the desired level

6731Level 1-1
6165Level 1-2
7475Level 1-3
8636Level 1-4
7716Level 2-1
5725Level 2-2
3576Level 3-1
8285Level 3-2
7546Level 4-1
7621Level 4-2
2875Level 4-3
5147Level 5-1
5285Level 6-1
8273Level 6-2
7576Minigame: Cafeteria Panic
5688Minigame: Soda Pop Blues
2548Minigame: Stage Fright

Contributed By: Arguro.