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Mario Golf



UnlockableHow to Unlock
Defeat Gene Yuss in a Match Game/TournamentGene Yuss
Defeat Grace in a Match Game/TournamentGrace
Defeat Grace in a Match GameMini-Mini Lake Course
Finish in first place on all four courses and defeat all four champions in a match gamePeach's Castle course
Defeat Gene Yuss in a Match GamePitch 'n' Putt Course
Complete the 9-hole version of Pitch 'n' PuttPitch 'n' Putt Course (18 holes)
Defeat Putts in a Match Game/Tournament (when playing as a custom character)Putts
Defeat Tiny in a Match GameRaven Woods Course
Defeat Tiny in a Match Game/TournamentTiny
Defeat Putts in a Match GameTiny Tots Course
Unlock Gene Yuss, Grace, and Tiny, and finish first in all Club TournamentsWario

Contributed By: matt91486, Pokemon and Mario, and kenb215.


Change your shot

To change your shot from a draw to a fade OR a fade to a draw, first complete Windy Valley Hole 1. Then win the Dune Club Tournament, and return and complete Windy Valley Hole 2. After doing so, the man will offer to change your shot. Even if you reply 'no', you can return and change it anytime. Note - He can only change your shot once, so your change will be permanent.

Contributed By: BrakZero.

Left Handed Players

Press and hold Select as you choose your player and keep it held down until you reach the hole to play. When you get to the hole you should see that your player is left handed. This only works with Mario, Wario, Luigi or Club Champs.

Contributed By: souleater21.

Second Chances in Tournaments

If you are in a tournament or battling a club champ and you totally messed up on a hole, you don't have to get the ball in the hole and get a bogey or double bogey! All you have to do is hit Start, go to Save and Quit, then when it asks you if you want to save say yes. Go back to 1p Play and choose your character, you will be back at the beginning of the hole.

Contributed By: shark404.

Wriggle that Logo!

At the Title Screen, press anywhere on the D-pad, and the Mario Golf Logo with wriggle in a circle!

Contributed By: michaelbear.