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Gameplay Codes

During gameplay, pause your game and enter the following codes:

A, Right, B, Up, A, Left, B, Down, A, Right, B, Up, A, Left, B99 Lives
Right, Left, Up, Down, A, Up, Up, Down, Down, B, Right, Right, Left, Left, AGet Every Power
A, Left, A, Left, A, B, Right, B, Up, B, A, Left, A, Down, AGo to World Map
B, Right, A, Up, B, Left, A, Down, B, RightRestore Health
B,A,B,A,A,B,A,A,B,A,A,A,A,A,AView Credits

Contributed By: kingmark, Cyber-Sushi, hero of time 43, alex cross, and Cool mario 6446.


Level passwords

Use these passwords to get to any of the levels.

CF-hv)SSHDAiry Tunes 1
CWC?v3SJKDAiry Tunes 2
CBB?=)tJ-DAiry Tunes 3
DFDh(3tJgfAiry Tunes 4
DGXh()tJgfAncient Forest 1
DGKG()tJqfAncient Forest 2
DJMG()tJbfAncient Forest 3
DJLG()tJifFiery Depths 1
DJNG()tJgfFiery Depths 2
DIKh()tJFfFiery Depths 3
DJMh()tJPfFiery Depths 4
DFTG(3tJqfRainy Forest 1
DHWG(3tJbfRainy Forest 2
DVG(3tJifRainy Forest 3
DHXG(3tJgfRocky Peaks 1
DHTh(3tJqfRocky Peaks 2
DGWh()tJbfRocky Peaks 3
DGVh()tJifRocky Peaks 4
CJBG6mSJnDSpell Bound Forest 2
CJCG8LSJdDSpell Bound Forest 2
CYDGzmSSdDSpell Bound Forest 4

Contributed By: Boris_Fan_279.


>^sgMc0vv?=99 lives, time trial unlocked, levels completed
CH5G4mSljDAll Levels

Contributed By: kingmark and Crazyreyn.