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Harvest Moon 2 GBC


Mole Bash Game

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Hoe your yard at 5:00pm and when a mole comes up you can play the game. When you've played the game, go down to Bill and Will's invention shop and it will be on sale there.Mole Bash Game

Contributed By: vanillagigglez.


Avoid the damage of hurricane.

If it is raining or snow the day before the storm, then do the work you have to do. After that, get yourself sick by fishing or cutting stumps. The next day, you'll get sick, and skip the day because of sickness. your farm won't be damaged since you skip the day because of sickness.

Contributed By: Blu3B0mb3r.

Free 1,000 Gold

To find 1,000 gold, press ''A'' up against the dresser by your bed.

Contributed By: Gauntlet Man 99.

Get more Sunny Days

The following works only if you have NOT gotten all the building expansions. Go to the builder, and ask him to build something. The next day will be sunny regardless of what the TV says.

Contributed By: APsycho.

Hidden Warp

On top of one of the trees behind the Hot Springs, you can walk through it. It will take you back to your ranch.

Contributed By: Gauntlet Man 99.

Horse Race Game

To get the Horse Race video game, just participate in a horse race. Then, you can buy it the next day in the Tool Shop.

Contributed By: Gauntlet Man 99.