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Mortal Kombat II


Fight against Shao Kahn

Enter the following at the options menu:

Press A, B, C(3), B(2), A(4) then Quickly press B when Shao Kahn appearsFight Shao Kahn in the final stage.

Contributed By: Undergrads2003.

Make opponent fall off the spikes

You have to be on the spiked roof stage (stage 2 usually) Do you character's stage fatality command, and as soon as the fatality "Du du duuuu" music starts hold down. Keep it held until you see the opponent start to fall off the spikes.

Contributed By: Rugal.

Random Select

This is how to pick random fighters (works on every system)

For first player go to Liu Kang and press Up +StartThe CPU will pick a fighter for you
For second playerdo the same on ReptileThe CPU will pick a fighter for you

Contributed By: ScorpionVsErmac.

Select Random Fighter

At the fighter select screen

Choose Liu Kang, then press Up and Start at the same timeThe computer will choose a fighter for you

Contributed By: Ominae.

Test Mode

Enter the options menu and highlight the Done selection Press:Left,Down,Left,Right,Down,Right,Left,Left,Right,Right the Test Mode will appear.

Contributed By: damin mance 0.


Fight Smoke

When fighting in the ''arena'' in which there is a pathway of stones suspended in air behind you (the are squares), fight any enemy (regular battle or multiplayer) and wait for the ''Toasty'' Face to appear on the side of the screen. If he does (it takes some luck), quickly press down (crouch) and block (start). You will be transported to a battle where you fight Smoke, a masked fighter who has the same appearance as Reptile, Sub Zero and Scorpion, except for the fact that he has smoke surging from his body, and his costume is grey.

Contributed By: Mike8787.

Glitch: Fatality in the first round.

Enter the Test Modes cheat.
Turn on one hit kills.
Start a 2 player game and choose Kung Lao as one of the characters. The other character does not matter. When the match starts have the other character do nothing and just do the hat throw (back, forward, low punch) for Kung Lao. Then on the second round do the same and for a fatality do the hat throw fatality (hold low punch and press(back, back, forward) then release low punch). Then have the other player continue. Choose Kung Lao again and any other character. When the first round starts do a hat throw immediatly and it will cut the persons head off. You can also have the other player move towards you when you do the move and have their body slide across the floor.

Contributed By: DracoStar.

Mad Kahn

Enable test mode. Set 1st player no damage. set 2nd player one hit kill.When facing Kahn do anything you want. after credits of charicters(after you kill Kahn)
Kahn will return for a 3rd, 4th, and a 5th round, but dont get hit or he will be frozen where he is about to explode and you have to wait till time runs out...Unless you reset, or turn it off.

Contributed By: DoomedNuclei.


Fight Jade

To fight Jade, use only low kick in the battle before the match labeled ''?'' (question-mark). You may block as well. She looks like Kitana and Mileena, but is green and uses fan-blades. Jade will use some of Kitana's movesets.

Contributed By: Mike8787 and blukXmage.

Fight Noob Saibot

To fight Noob Saibot, you must win 25 consecutive matches. He is a black blob, and very strong.

Contributed By: Mike8787.


Win 250 matches in row. You'll get a weird version of Pong, then go right back normal.

Contributed By: silent hillian.

Raiden's Fergality

Turn on ''oooh, nasty'' in test pages. Be Raiden on the Armory stage (stage 6). Do <-, <-, <-, BLOCK (any distance) as your finishing move. Your opponent will turn into one of the creators of MK with smoke coming out of his ear

Contributed By: Posed to Death.