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62.75% Overall Rank: n/a
Genesis Rank: n/a
1992 Games Rank: n/a
1992 Genesis Rank: n/a
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Arise brave warrior, your services are once again needed! Baarogue the Destroyer has kidnapped the King's only daughter, Princess Sarasa, and is now bent on universal dominance! Become a powerful Fighter, a resourceful Mage, a magic-laden Priestess, or an agile Ninja in your quest to return peace to the once tranquil land of Deerzar! Be wary on the path to your goal! Baarogue has littered it with many foes, from the re-animinated Hands of Stone to the Giant Pedra-Pods of Dokra-Ri. Enlist the services of a trustworthy friend to aid you, for this quest allows two brave souls to venture forth together via the TurboTap. You must scceed, for Baarogue's dark power grows by the second, and soon no soul will be able to halt his advance!
Release Date: 1992

Latest Reviews

HonestGamers 12/19/03 Review 6 out of 10
Sega-16 11/01/07 Review 6 out of 10
Thunderbolt 12/07/04 Review 6 out of 10
RPGFan 11/16/00 Review 71 out of 100