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From Cheese

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80.00% Overall Rank: n/a
iOS (iPhone/iPad) Rank: n/a
2012 Games Rank: n/a
2012 iOS (iPhone/iPad) Rank: n/a
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PLEASE read the legal note at the end of the description. Twist your mind, challenge your skills, get the Cheese! Draw a smell-trail FROM CHEESE to Mouse, so he can follow the path all the way down to the Cheese, grab the precious food and bring it to his starving colony! They need your help! Now! 48 MIND-TWISTING, REVERSE-LOGIC PUZZLES The mouse will follow the smell-trail at all costs… but watch out! The smell only goes from Cheese to Mouse, not the other way around! And keep an eye on your smell-bar: save smell to preserve the aroma and get more stars! INTUITIVE CONTROLS, NOTHING TO READ Playing is so simple that there’s no text in the whole game! Just draw the trail from Cheese to Mouse, then press the PLAY button and the mouse will follow the path. Made a mistake? Swipe your finger on the smell-bar for super-precise infinite undo! REMOTE BUTTONS, SLIDING DOORS, AND MORE It’s a hard life to be a mouse in the house of a maze-building maniac... step on a button, and a door may open to unblock the way to the Cheese… step on another one, and a vacuum cleaner may appear from beneath to suck up the small trail! Look around to find out all the effects triggered by the buttons! PREDATORS AND PREYS Sly lies the cat… until a mouse steps on her carpet: then she’ll wake up and jump to catch her prey… or will he manage to shake her off? What if the cat walks in front of the dog? Frozen! And what about that creepy, shady rat roaming the maze, trying to catch the trail and get to the Cheese? Will you be able to use his steps at your advantage? Will you lure him into becoming the prey for a hungry cat? RUN, MOUSE, RUN Soon enough, you'll get the power-up to enhance your smell-trail: enhanced smell-trail will consume more smell, but the mouse will run faster and be able to escape a cat, overtake a rat… or beat the current best-time! MORE TO COME Be kind and tell us your opinion, we'll collect all suggestions and keep them in mind for updates and add-ons!
Release Date: November 25, 2012

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