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Trivia Death Match with Ken Jennings

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**** ON SALE FOR A LIMITED TIME! ****Ken Jennings became a trivia superstar when he became the 74-time champion of Jeopardy!, winning over $2.5 million. But is he really that smart? Or did he just get really good at timing the buzzer thing?We'll answer that question right now: He's smart. But maybe you think you're smarter. Well, now's your chance to prove it!We wrote 1,000 questions in a wide variety of categories and grouped them into themed quizzes. Then we locked Ken Jennings into our "testing facility" and forced him to take every one of them, using a device that would record his scores and times. Several hours later, Ken emerged, tired and thirsty, but otherwise unharmed, and handed over the device.We then plugged his data into this app, giving you the chance to take Ken on in simulated head-to-head battles. As you play each quiz, you will see your avatar battling against Ken, and you can watch yours and Ken's progress with skulls that light up each time either of you answers a question.In addition to competing against Ken, if you log into Facebook, you will be able to see how you measure up against all of your friends who have taken the quizzes.Ken is smart. And he is fast. He will be tough to beat, no doubt. But he is human, and he does miss some questions. So we know you can take him down. So get Trivia Death Match and kick Ken's brain!
Release Date: March 14, 2013

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