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UnlockableHow to Unlock
Score 100,000 points or more100K Run
Score 50,000 points or more50K Streak
Eat 1 MelonBaller!
Complete Stage 256Be Like Billy!
Complete Stage 10Blinky is Broken
Complete Stage 6Blinky is Tearable
Eat 1 GalaxianFlagship Fruit
Eat a Total of 100 FruitsFruit Fiend
Eat 2 Fruit in One StageFruit Parfait
Eat 1 AppleFuji Fan
Chomp 100 Ghosts TotalGhost Glutton
Chomp 272 Ghosts TotaGhost Gorger
Chomp 50 Ghosts TotalGhost Gourmand
Chomp 16 Ghosts in One StageGhost Hunter
Get 1600 Points From A GhostGhost with the Most
Eat 1 KeyKey Master
Score 150,000 points or moreMarathon
Complete Stage 19No More Blues
Complete Stage 1Ready!
Eat 1 BellSounds Delicious
Complete Stage 3Super Pac-Man
Eat 1 StrawberryTales of Fragaria
Eat One of Each Fruit in One GameTutti Frutti
Eat 1 OrangeVitamin Seizer
Eat 1 CherryWashington Wannabe

Contributed By: Guard Master.