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Mecho Wars



UnlockableHow to Unlock
Win 5 maps in a row without quitting the game.Challenging (50)
Win 20 online games.Commander Awesome (100)
Promoted to the highest online crown rank.General for All (50)
Win 3 online games.Masterful! (30)
Destroy 5 troops in a single turn.Mega Kill (30)
Destroy 3 troops in a single turn.Multi Kill (10)
Played against someone onlineParticipation (30)
Promoted to the highest online double-star rankSarge in Charge (30)
Destroy 4 troops in a single turn.Ultra Kill (20)
Promoted to the highest single-star rank.Up the Ranks (20)
Win against a player in an online game.Victory! (30)
Promoted to the highest online triple-star rank.Warrant in Order (40)

Contributed By: Guard Master.