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Reign of Swords: Episode II

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76.67% Overall Rank: n/a
iOS (iPhone/iPad) Rank: n/a
2009 Games Rank: n/a
2009 iOS (iPhone/iPad) Rank: n/a
Score based on 3 reviews


Build your army and battle your friends! “Reign of Swords: Episode II” is the second episode in the award-winning and critically-acclaimed best-selling iPhone game, “Reign of Swords”. Reign is a multiplayer battle game. REVIEWS: "Reign of Swords 2 is not only an excellent update to the first Reign game on iPhone, but it's also just a great turn-based strategy game, period. If you like the genre, then you will like this game -- it really is that simple" - 8.5/10, Editor's Choice Award, IGN "Punch Entertainment Kills it with Reign of Swords: Episode II. The game is masterfully designed, and you can really tell the game’s makers knew what they were doing. I guess they had to after producing the wildly successful original Reign of Swords, right? Well, they sure showed their stuff on this one - and made it bigger, badder, and better than it’s predecessor” - MobileCrunch.com Review "...this is a game that outshines the original (which was no slouch) by keeping a solid foundation and building upon it. Newcomers might want to give the original a try (you can import your army to the new game), but with the substantial multiplayer offering, we have no qualms giving this game a firm recommendation" - 3/4, SlideToPlay.com Review "Overall, Episode 2 is a great extension of the first game and is well worth the price paid for the head to head battles and online ranking." - 4/5, Appvee.com NOTE: EXISTING REIGN OF SWORDS PLAYERS. YOU CAN TAKE YOUR “REIGN OF SWORDS” ARMY OVER TO EPISODE II BUT YOU MUST UPLOAD YOUR EXISTING “REIGN OF SWORDS” ARMY TO THE SERVER BEFORE YOUR FIRST LOG IN TO EPISODE II. OTHERWISE YOUR UNITS WILL NOT TRANSFER OVER. GAMEPLAY: “Reign of Swords: Episode II” is a multiplayer collectibles battle game featuring turn-based strategy gameplay. FEATURES: General Features: - Award-winning turn-based strategy gameplay - Build your own customized army as you conquer kingdoms and gain spoils of war to upgrade your battle units - Over 36 different unit types - Take your custom army to war with your friends in multiplayer mode - Multiple battle scenarios such as big open-field battles, fortress sieges, ambushes and stealth attacks - Gain weekly in-game rewards & titles based on your ranking in a kingdom in multiplayer mode New in Episode II: - New robust Head-to-Head multiplayer system: Play turn-based battles with other players, or take your turn when you have time and check back later to see if your opponent has moved - New units including the Dune Siren, Blood Gorger, Craftsmen, Conjurer (including its conjured units the Sapper and Bodyguard) and the Ballistae - New desert-themed maps in the Eastern Kingdom with a completely new look-and-feel reflected in the terrain and music - Warp portals that create a dynamic battlefield and a new gameplay element - Existing “Reign of Swords” players can bring their existing army into Episode II! WHAT’S COMING: - Two more Kingdoms, Tilicia and Isoluccia - More units - Additional improvements to the multiplayer system including ability to put time limits on turns, send messages, better rival detection and push notifications of battle updates - New improved army upgrade system making it even easier to customize your army! - Customization of units - Lots more! © 2009 Punch Entertainment, Inc.
Release Date: July 2, 2009

Latest Reviews

Slide To Play 07/01/09 Review 3 out of 4
Pocket Gamer UK 08/08/12 Review 7 out of 10
IGN 08/03/09 Review 8.5 out of 10
GameSpot 09/11/09 Screenshots n/a