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DA Snipers Challenge


*** On Sale for a limited time!!!*** Buy Now at the reduced price!*** DA Sniper's Challenge is the cross between Where's Waldo and a Sniper Shooter game, and is included in the Distant Assassin Sniper Reload game, bundled along with Rapid Fire. The object of the game is to find your target in a crowd of similar but slightly different moving characters. Character generation engine will create hundreds and hundreds of random characters, different every time you play. Super accurate shooting, allows for very tight shots! Hours of fun as you patiently search for your target, and wait for the perfect opportunity to strike. Animated death sequence, shows when you've hit the correct target. (Striped prison cloths are revealed.) There is a very dangerous criminal on the loose. This criminal is hiding out, disguised in a crowd of innocent people. Don't let him get away, and don't hit the innocent! Find the target that matches the target shown on the right of the screen. Scroll around with your finger. Then zoom in and shoot! (Keep in mind that there is a distance delay from when you shoot and hit your target.) FEATURES: -Easy to get started -Simple to use interface -Pinch to zoom in or out -One finger scroll scope, two finger scroll background -Moving animated targets -Over 65+ targets! (How far can you go?) -On screen "Innocents Hit" warning and "Eagle Eye" bonus indicators -Top 10 score tracker, (Try to beat your best score!) -Unlocking rewards and bonuses -Adjustable sound setting -Game instructions -Auto-save if interrupted *Note: We suggest rebooting your iPhone or iPod Touch when playing for the first time. Comments? Questions? Email The Big Redbot at: contact@redbotsoftware.com
Release Date: July 28, 2009

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