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SquarO is a single-player casual game with a touch of Sudoku and Minesweeper. You don't need an internet connection. You can play Squaro for just a few minutes whenever, wherever you want to, even when you are waiting for your laundry to be done!Like Sudoku or Minesweeper? Then this is the perfect game for you!The goal of SquarO is to find the right numbers to add up to exact match the number in the middle of that square. Each circle needs a number from 0-4 which have to add up to the number in the middle. As you get one square right, you might mess up another square, so be careful!It's easy to get started, but you'll quickly want to progress to higher levels to tickle your brain... hours of fun! ...oh, and see if you can handle the "evil" levels.Features:* 400 grids in 4 levels (easy, medium, hard and evil)* Leaderboard: see how you compare (local, friends and global)* Achievement: try to get all 20 badges* Facebook Connect: Share your scores and achievement with your friendsFeel free to send any feedback ( new features,bugs,..) to me: marc(at)squaro.fr
Release Date: December 4, 2009

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