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Space Miner: Space Ore Bust

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90.00% Overall Rank: n/a
iOS (iPhone/iPad) Rank: n/a
2010 Games Rank: n/a
2010 iOS (iPhone/iPad) Rank: n/a
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Named 2010 iPhone Game Of The Year by Touch Arcade and Electronic Gaming Monthly! Named one of MTV Multiplayer's Best Dark Horse Games Of 2010!Space Miner has been hailed as one of the greatest iPhone games of all time by critics and customers alike. Come experience 2010's most stunning 3D space-faring action/RPG today! ____________________________ "Without a question, this is one of the best games I've played since the App Store went live" - Toucharcade.com (5/5 stars) "HOW GOOD IS SPACE MINER. The answer is INCREDIBLE GOOD. It's probably the best original game to hit the iPhone." - GIZMODO "Space Miner: Space Ore Bust gets my total complete recommendation. Long gamelife, great polished graphics and most importantly fun gameplay in space accompanied by banjos. Now I want a sequel." - Touchgen.com (5/5 Stars) "Few games truly stand out like Space Miner does." - Slidetoplay.com (4/4 - Must Have) App Store Rating: 4.5/5 ( 3500+ ratings) Onion AV Club: Grade A Gamepro.com: 5/5 Appspy.com: 5/5 Theappera.com: "BUY THIS GAME" Appsmile.com: 5/5 Knowyourmobile.com: 5/5 Nodpad.com: "MUST HAVE" iPhonefreak.com: 5/5 __________________________________ Still reading? Awesome! Here are some more good reasons to buy Space Miner! HOURS OF GAMEPLAY Explore a massive, non-linear game world of 48 sectors, each filled with hidden dangers and valuable treasures! Earn mining licenses, unlock new sectors and discover exciting missions. Uncover the nefarious motivations of Mega Space Corporation and put an end to their evil plans! GO FROM RAGS TO RICHES Take your bucket of bolts ship and turn it into a sleek battle cruiser. Outfit it with the latest technologies and see your ship change with each modification. Thousands of possible combinations let you build a ship to fit any play style! AN EPIC STORY UNFOLDS Enjoy a hilarious story and top-notch writing as you uncover a tale of galactic proportions, featuring over a hundred scripted scenes and gorgeous character portraits! INCREDIBLE ARCADE EXPERIENCE! Blowing up asteroids has never looked or sounded this good! Gorgeous 3D graphics, dazzling particle effects, realistic physics, fully customizable controls, and movie-quality sound set a new standard on the App Store. ULTIMATE REPLAY VALUE IN GAME+ MODE Just because you've finished the game once, don't think you've experienced everything Space Miner has to offer! Start a new game with all the alien technology you've found, and try to conquer the ultimate Space Miner challenge: UltracORE Mode! GAME CENTER INTEGRATION Conquer 60 Game Center achievements and submit your score to the worldwide leaderboard in your quest to become the ultimate Space Miner! "Ain't convinced this is the best gol'durn space-blastin', asteroid-crackin' game on that there App Store? Take a gander at them there user reviews an' decide fer yerself!" - Uncle Jeb __________________________________ To learn more and see our trailer, visit: www.venanarcade.com Follow us on Twitter @VenanEnt Join us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/VenanEnt
Release Date: February 5, 2010

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IGN 03/02/10 Review 8 out of 10
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