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Age of Empires


Cheat Codes

To enter a cheat code press ENTER, type a code, then press ENTER again.

PEPPERONI PIZZA1000 units of food
COINAGE1000 units of gold
QUARRY1000 units of stone
WOODSTOCK1000 units of wood
BIGDADDYArmed Lamborgini
FLYING DUTCHMANCatapult Triremes and Juggernauts into Flying Dutchmen
BIG BERTHACatapults become Big Berthas
JACK BE NIMBLECatapults launch people and cows
STEROIDSCompletes buildings and upgrades
DARK RAINComposite bowmen become stealth archers
GAIAControl animals
HARI KARIDestroy all you have
NO FOGDisables fog
ICBMIncrease helepolis range by 90
KILLKill specific computer opponent (must be followed by player number)
DIEDIEDIEKills everyone
RESIGNLose current scenario
HOYOHOYOPriests have 600 HP and fastest units in the game
REVEAL MAPReveal entire map
PHOTON MANSuper soldiers with 100 hit points, 15 damage points, and nuclear laser
E=MC2 TROOPERSuper soldiers with 100 hit points, 300 damages, and nuclear rocket launcher
MEDUSATransforms villagers into Medusas
HOME RUNWin current scenario

Contributed By: hand of g0d.