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Command & Conquer


Codes without a gameshark

Enter the code on the third NOD mission, hold Z,L, and R and type the code

Left Right Up B Up Down A B A B BClears fog of war
Up Down Left Right Right Up Down Left B B B A B B A AEnemies can't build any units
Up Up Up Up Up Up Up Up Down Down BFree Buildings
Up Up Up Up Up Up Up Up Down Down AFree Infantry
Up Up Up Up Up Up Up Up Down Down A BFree Tanks
Up Down Down Up Left A BNo health limits
Down Down Down Down Up Left B B B B AUnlimited money

Contributed By: yacghtl.

Debug mode

Perform the BARRACUDA cheat, then go to "Replay Mission" and press L. Now enter a mission and hold L + R to see the debugging mode.

Contributed By: shiningstone and ReyVGM.

Win or lose current mission instantly

At the title screen, press B, A, R, R, A, C-Right, Up, Down, A. Then, during a mission, press the following buttons:

Press L+R+DownLoses the mission.
Press L+R+UpWins the mission.

Contributed By: Reaper and ReyVGM.


Unlock all levels for the GDI and NOD

At the title screen, press B, A, R-shoulder, R-shoulder, A, C-right, Up, Down, A. This work with both the analog stick and the + control pad. There won't be any confirmation, so just trust me. Anyway, after you do this(you must do it fast, before it goes into a demo), go into Replay Mission. Once there, press L-shoulder and voila! All the normal missions and som others.

Contributed By: Reidar KJ.