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Duke Nukem 64


All Codes All Versions!

At the title screen, enter any of the following codes:

Left,Down,L,L,Up,Right,Left,UpActivate Cheats (Eu)
Left,Down,L,L,Up,Right,Left-C,Up-CActivate Cheats (Fr)
L,L,L,L,Right,Right,Left,LeftActivate Cheats (Jp)
Left,Left,L,L,Right,Right,Left,LeftActivate Cheats (Na)
R,Right-C,Down,L,Up-C,Left,Right-C,LeftAll Items (Eu)
L,Left,Down,L,Up-C,Left,R,LeftAll Items (Fr)
R,Right,Right-C,Left-C,L,Left-C,Right,UpAll Items (Jp)
R,Right-C,Right,L,Left-C,Left,Right-C,RightAll Items (Na)
Up-C,Up,Left-C,Right,Down-C,Down,Right-C,RDeactivate All Cheats (Eu)
Up,Up-C,Left-C,Right-C,Down-C,Down-C,Right-C,Right-CDeactivate All Cheats (Fr)
Up,Down-C,Right,Left-C,Down,Up-C,Right-C,LeftDeactivate All Cheats (Jp)
Up,Up-C,Left,Right-C,Down,Down-C,Right,Left-CDeactivate All Cheats (Na)
R,Right-C,R,L,R,R,R,LeftGod Mode (Eu)
L,R,R,L,R,R,R,LeftGod Mode (Fr)
L,L,L,L,L,L,L,Down-CGod Mode (Jp)
R,R,R,R,R,R,R,LeftGod Mode (Na)
R,L,R,Down-C,Right,Up,Left,Up-CLevel Select (Eu)
L,R,R,Down-C,Right,Up-C,Left,UpLevel Select (Fr)
L,Down-C,Up,R,Right,Left-C,Left-C,LLevel Select (Jp)
L,L,L,Right-C,Right,Left,Left,Left-CLevel Select (Na)
L,Up-C,Left,L,Down-C,Right,Left,RightNo Monsters (Eu)
L,Up-C,Left,L,Down-C,R,Left,Right-CNo Monsters (Fr)
Left-C,Left,Right,Right-C,Left-C,R,Left-C,LNo Monsters (Jp)
L,Left-C,Left,R,Right-C,Right,Left,LeftNo Monsters (Na)

Contributed By: DeadEyeAce and ReyVGM.

Co-op Mode

First you need to enter the debug cheat at the press start screen, this is Up-C, Up, Left-C, Right, Down-C, Down, Right-C, R, A, B. Now start a multiplayer game with two or three players, not four. When you start use the spare pad to select a level and you will start a co-op game plus all the items will regenarate after a short amount of time.

Contributed By: jamesdark.


Refill Health

Shoot a fire hydrant or a toilet and press B next to it repeatedly to gain back your health.

Contributed By: XtremeGundamX.