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Mortal Kombat 4


2-Player Mode Cheats

Enter the following on the screen before the match:

321-321Big Heads
050-050Character explores when defeated
100-100Disable Throwing
123-123Empty power bars
011-011Fight in Goro's Lair
066-066Fight in Reptile's Lair
033-033Fight in The Elder God's Sanctuary
202-202Fight in The Living Forest
303-303Fight in The Prisom
101-101Fight in The Shaolin Temple
044-044Fight in The Tomb
022-022Fight in The Well
055-055Fight in Wind World
111-111Free Weapon
555-555Many weapons in arena
010-010Max Damage Disabled
666-666No music during battle
012-012Noob Saibot Mode
222-222Random Weapons
020-020Red Rain Mode
001-001Unlimited Run Power
002-002Weapon-Only Battle
444-444Weapons Drawn from Start

Contributed By: DBM11085.



UnlockableHow to Unlock
Unlock hidden option, highlight Shinnok, press Block + RunGoro
Unlock hidden option, highlight Reiko, press Block + RunNoob Saibot
Go to Continue Options, then hold Block + Run for 10 secondsSecret Menu Option

Contributed By: Jobu Dudley.


Automatic Fatalities

Go to the Continue Options screen, then press and hold Block+Run for ten seconds.

Contributed By: Jobu Dudley.