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Super Smash Bros.


Item Switch

To get the Item Switch, which allows you to alter all item related aspects of the game in versus mode, simply play 100 VS. mode matches of any length.

Contributed By: Jdude84.

Mushroom Kingdom

You must first beat the game with the original 8 characters and then play every multiplayer stage atleast once.

Contributed By: dieourumov1.

Sound Test

To gain access to the sound test menu, complete bonuses one and two with all 12 characters. The option will then appear under the data menu.

Contributed By: Jdude84.

Unlockable Characters

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the 1-Player game with any character on any diffculty in under 20 minutes, then fight and beat Captain FalconCaptain Falcon
Beat the 1-Player game with any character on any difficulty, then fight and beat JigglypuffJigglypuff
Beat Bonus Practice 1 with all 8 of the original charactersLuigi
Beat the 1-Player game with any character on Normal difficulty with 3 lives, without continuing, then fight and beat NessNess

Contributed By: Jaksiel.


Alternate Costumes

Highlight a character, and press any of the four C-buttons to use an alternate outfit

Contributed By: KasketDarkfyre.

Borrow a life in team multiplayer matches.

If you are playing in a team multiplayer match and you lose all of your lives, simply press START, and you will take one of your partner's lives as long as they have at least one in stock.

Contributed By: Megaman1981.