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Superman: The New Superman Adventures


Get ice-throwing breath

To be able to ice things up with a burst of Superman's wintry-fresh freeze breath, just pause the game and tap Z then L.

Contributed By: Ryan Rider.

Get Super Speed

Pause the game and press the R and the Z buttons. You will now have '' Super Speed.''

Contributed By: Dogg.

Heat Vision

To put fire in Superman's eyes, pause the game and press the R button, followed by the L Button. The heat meter will instantly fill up, and Superman will be able to scorch things with his smoldering looks.

Contributed By: Ryan Rider.

Level Select

First, begin a one-player game. Play until you get the option to save the game on the controller pak. After saving, reset the game. Select the load game option from the main menu, then choose the saved game. A prompt to insert a rumble pak will appear. Hold the L+B buttons for approximately a second, then press the A button. A level Selection Screen will appear that allows any mission to be played under the current difficulty setting. Take note that the difficulty setting can be adjusted by entering the Option Screen from the Main Menu.

Contributed By: YSF.

Super Cheat Codes

At the main menu, press:

Up C, Down C, Left C, Right C.

Then, during the game, enter the following while paused:

Level Skip: Up C, Down C
Super Punching: L, Z
Energy Re-Fill: Z, R

Contributed By: KasketDarkfyre.