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Totally Rad

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20.00% Overall Rank: n/a
NES Rank: n/a
1991 Games Rank: n/a
1991 NES Rank: n/a
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-Totally magic... 10 super spells! -Totally split personality... turn yourself into an eagle, lion, or lizard! -Totally unbelievable story... 12 rounds in 5 stages! -Totally gruesome monsters! The too-gnarly-for-words trip to the California underground. -Excellent! Dude meets magician. -Tubular! Totally weird war. -Whoa! Like, not your average day at the beach. -Bogus! Dude meets monster. -Make like an eagle and take it to the air, dude! -Awesome! Dude goes underground.
Release Date: March 1991

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HonestGamers 06/30/06 Review 2 out of 10