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Final Fantasy VII


Skip Return to Midgar glitch

This glitch allows you to skip Returning to Midgar, however you will permanently miss Barret's and Caith Sith's ultimate weapon's and a Tough Ring, Ziedrich and Minerva Band by doing so. After defeating Diamond Weapon when he approaches Midgar, head towards Northern Crater in the Highwind to continue the story. When you reach the scene between Scarlet, Reeve and Heidegger in the meeting room, after Reeve says "I don't give a damn about the details!!", hold Right + Run. If successful, in the next scene your characters will appear next to Hojo to stop him, instead of seeing him talking to himself.

Contributed By: oblivion from aoc.

Walk Forever

When leaving or entering an area (not on the world map) press [Menu] just after the screen goes dark. unpause and you'll still be in the same area as before, but you can continue walking outside the normal bounds of the screenwould have brought you to the next screen.

Contributed By: X CubeStation.


Re-Release Achievements

In August of 2012, Square Enix re-released Final Fantasy VII for the PC. Among a number of minor bug fixes, also included was an achievement system. By meeting a number of arbitrary conditions, as below, you will have achieved the achievement. These are exclusive to the PC re-release of 2012 and the 2013 Steam release.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Obtain Yuffie's ultimate Limit Break, All Creation.All Creation
Obtain the Summon Materia "Bahamut ZERO".Bahamut ZERO
Start a battle in the Battle Square of Gold Saucer.Battle Square
Use Tifa's Beat Rush Limit Break.Beat Rush
Use Barret's Big Shot Limit Break.Big Shot
Use Cid's Boost Jump Limit Break.Boost Jump
Use Cloud's Braver Limit Break.Braver
Obtain Barret's ultimate Limit Break, Catastrophe.Catastrophe
Obtain Vincent's ultimate Limit Break, Chaos.Chaos
Obtain Red XIII's ultimate Limit Break, Cosmo Memory.Cosmo Memory
Defeat the Diamond Weapon.Diamond Weapon
Use Cait Sith's Dice Limit Break.Dice
Defeat the Emerald Weapon.Emerald Weapon
Defeat the final boss, and thusly the game as a whole.End of Game
Complete the first part of the game.End of Part I
Complete the second part of the game.End of Part II
Obtain Tifa's ultimate Limit Break, Final Heaven.Final Heaven
Use Vincent's Galian Beast Limit Break.Galian Beast
Obtain a Gold Chocobo through any desired means.Golden Feather
Use Yuffie's Greased Lightning Limit Break.Greased Lightning
Obtain Aeris's ultimate Limit Break, Great Gospel.Great Gospel
Use Aeris's Healing Wind Limit Break.Healing Wind
Obtain Cid's ultimate Limit Break, Highwind.Highwind
Obtain the Summon Materia "Knights of the Round".Knights of the Round
Master any single Materia.Master Materia
Obtain 99,999,999 Gil.Master of Gil
Master every single type of Materia.Materia Overload
Obtain Cloud's ultimate Limit Break, Omnislash.Omnislash
Defeat the Ruby Weapon.Ruby Weapon
Use Red XIII's Sled Fang Limit BreakSled Fang
Obtain Cait Sith's ultimate Limit Break, Slots.Slots
Get any character to Level 99.Top Level
Defeat the Ultimate Weapon.Ultimate Weapon
Recruit Vincent into your party.Vincent
Win a battle, your first one.Won 1st Battle
Recruit Yuffie into your party.Yuffie

Contributed By: KeyBlade999.


Restore Energy During Chocobo Races

Hold [Page Down] + [Target] while racing a Chocobo.

Contributed By: HM Master.

View the cutscenes

Go to the (~:\Program Files\Final Fantasy VII\movies) folder and you will be able to view all of the in-game FMVs whenever you want.

Contributed By: red soul.