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Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty



During Gameplay type gonzoopera then enter the following code:

Ctrl + F9Debug Info
Ctrl + Shift + XDestroy Everything
Shift + EEdit Mission
Ctrl + LInvincibility
Ctrl + IInvisibility
Alt + IPicte Interface
Shift + XPointer on Selected Commandos
Ctrl + Shift + NSkip Current Mission
F9Terrain Info
Shift + VUser Traces
Shift + F1View Video Mode 1
Shift + F2View Video Mode 2
Shift + F3View Video Mode 3
Shift + F4View Video Mode 4
Alt + Shift + LWrite Info in "memlin.dat"

Contributed By: Mike Truitt.


Mission Passwords

H239Z01 - The Ashphalt Jungle
IR29102 - Dropped Out of The Sky
NGAY703 - Thor's Hammer
6S5TL04 - Guess Who's Coming Tonight
VND2R05 - Eagles Nest
BUK2L06 - The Great Escape
LL42X07 - Dangerous Friendships

Contributed By: falsehead.